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Rutt Gear 4 Pack Light System


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Rutt-Gear products are designed by the owner of Horn Chasers Inc. Dean Harvey has 45 years of hunting experience. With cutting edge products are both designed for hunters by hunters, giving them an incredible advantage in the field. The owner of H.C.I Manufacturers LL Rutt-Gear products in the United States.

Lighting systems

Our Green & Red trail and stand lights technology is changing the game in getting to or from your stands in the dark or daytime. They have truly endless applications for sporting enthusiast around the world. The applications dont just stop at Tree stands and trail lighting, we have had many great reports of how well our products work in waterfowl hunting, fishing, camping and hiking trips.

The Original Hunters Noose

Designed by the owner over 20yrs ago. It truly is the strongest, fastest and most of all quietest tree harness anchor system on the market. No more cumbersome straps our buckle’s to deal with in the dark or cold fingers. Literally be attached to your tree in 30 seconds or less.
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