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Travel Insurance for Hunters

We recommend you protect yourself with travel insurance policies for medical evacuation , lost/stolen baggage, and trip cancellations.

Pak-Rat Rifle Sling Review

Has your rifle ever fallen off your shoulder? Of course it has, everyone can relate to that, that’s’ why the Pak-Rat was invented.

Hunting Age Requirements for Each State

Each state has different ages and requirements for hunting and fishing.

Do Wolves Keep Forests Nutrient-Rich?

We recently got into an online tussle with an anti-hunter about wolf hunting. They sent us an article from a blog which included all of...

Tips for Travel to Alberta Canada

Here are some useful pointers to help make travel to Alberta Canada as smooth as possible.

The Spider Bull

In early January 2009, North America's authority on big-game records declared the Utah "Spider Bull" the new world record non-typical American elk.

Failure is Just Part of Hunting

Success is sweet and failure is bitter. One thing most sportsmen know is the bitter-sweet taste of an outdoor adventure.

Equipment Preparation for Hunting Season

This list includes anything and everything you need to do, pack, or check before heading off to the hills to go hunting.

Bowhunting For Elk Can Be Frustrating But It’s Worth It!

As with most hunts, especially bowhunts...  you have fun, get frustrated, think about heading home early, and then you can't wait to go do it...

How To Choose A Good Scope: The Definitive Guide (2019)

Richard Douglas is nicknamed the “James Bond of Scopes” by his friends. Why? Because he knows A LOT about scopes.
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