Colorado Pronghorn Antelope

August, 2017

The outfitter was well prepared and had many blinds on water holes and knew what game was in each blinds area. The ranch house was excellent and was clean and all appliances worked good. The guides did a great job caping and cleaning the complete skull so I could do my own European Mount to mount on a Skull Hooker if the cape didn’t survive the trip back to Ohio.

You have to stay focused and alert at all times while blind hunting pronghorn at a water source as they can show up instantly at any time. I didn’t see any pronghorn at a water source until the 4th morning. At 10:30 a.m. a buck came walking passed the right open window and then out of sight and back in sight in the wider open front window down to the water. As soon as his head dipped behind foliage I drew aimed and shot. I had previously ranged the entire shoreline, paths, and the crest beyond and against the pond so I knew the distance instantly. The hit made that noise I knew I clipped the left shoulder and probably hit the back of the heart. The buck ran 10 yards over the crest and disappeared a few seconds then his head rose up and back over the crest and disappeared again; indicating a heart shot. He was dead on the base of the crest only having gone 10 to 15 yards after the shot.

*I think if Larry or any other outfitter is only going to allow hunters to hunt out of blinds when water is everywhere and not spot and stalk this fact should be communicated up front in writing and also verbally. Larry should not say he can’t control the weather. That’s ok to say to a 4 year old but it’s insulting to me. Larry seemed stubborn and hell bent on sitting in blinds at water holes even though the weather indicated this was probably a bad idea for the first 3 days. A smart hunter adjusts to the weather and changes tactics to increase chance of success. I knew on my way to Colorado based on recent rainy weather that sitting at a water hole would not be the way to hunt the first three days and that possibly by the 4th day we might see a pronghorn at a blind water hole. I didn’t see a pronghorn at a water hole until the 4th day.

The blinds were in excellent shape and staked down perfectly super tight and positioned just right at the water source. I hunted at a different blind each day which indicated they had plenty of blinds.

Kevin S.
Aurora, OH

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