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Jersey Jay’s Taxidermy

Jason Wiznerwhitetail

I am Jason Wizner, owner and artist of Jersey Jays Taxidermy. I’d like to start by saying thank you  for visiting my site and Page. If you are in search of a taxidermist I hope this is your  last stop. I became a taxidermist for perhaps the same reason you are visiting  my site. I have a passion, if not an obsession, with hunting and fishing in the outdoors and preserving my trophies. In order to be the best taxidermist I can be, I have gone through  many steps and processes to ensure I am on top of my  game.

Master Taxidermist school

I attended the Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy, a trade school  well-known for their in-depth classes with master taxidermists. Ever since I  graduated, I have made it a priority to attend multiple seminars and hands-on  one-on-one sessions each year to learn the newest and most up-to-date techniques  available to the taxidermy industry. I also do my best not to get stuck behind  the times by reading “Breakthrough Magazine” and “Taxidermy Today”. Both  magazines keep me current in the business, as techniques and  materials are  improving so rapidly. Thanks again for visiting. If you have any questions or concerns, I can be contacted by phone, e-mail, and even Facebook. I answer my e-mails numerous times throughout the day, and the only time you will get my voicemail is if I’m hunting or elbow deep in work. Good luck, hunt safe, and I hope to see you in my shop one day!
-Jason Wizner

Website: www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com

Phone:  551-206-2623

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