Wolf Hunt in Ontario

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  • Are you looking for one of the best wolf hunts around? Our wolf outfitter is on top of the game with his wolves! With 30 years of experience and scouting they know how to find the dogs. This wolf hunt begins when a pack is located… the crew is assembled and the stalk through the woods begin. Its a true spot and stalk except you may not see them till its time to shoot! This highly experienced team will do their absolute best to help you find the wolf of your dreams! This hunt isn’t super physically difficult but it would be wise to be in decent shape as the hunt takes place in the winter months when the snow is very deep.

    • Duration of the hunt is five days
    • Season is from December to March
    • Hunt takes place in the middle of winter when snow is very deep so dressing warm and being in decent physical condition is a must.
    • This hunt includes guides and trackers!


    Included in your wolf hunt is lodging and meals! You will have a continental breakfast t start out the day followed with a lunch out in the woods. Your day ends with a deluxe supper! There are options for private and semi private rooms and a kitchenette at your disposal. Also included in your stay is Satellite T.V. and WIFI.

  • Outfitter: Kap River Outfitters
    Weapon: Rifle
    • January
    • February
    • March
    • December
    • 1x1
    • 2x1
    • 3x1
    Hunt Features:
    • Free range
    • Spot-and-stalk
    • Average to good trophy quality
    • Physically difficult
    • Good success rate
    Accommodations: Cabins
    • WIFI
    • Home Cooked Meals
    • Cable TV
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