Idaho Whitetail Deer Hunting During the Rut

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  • Hunt whitetails in Idaho during the rut on private ground in Units 11A and 14

    If you like hunting whitetail deer, you should seriously consider hunting the November rut on this private ranch. Idaho is a sleeper for big whitetails with bucks that can push above the 160 mark.

    “Big bucks get my attention! This Outfitter is the place to go for some awesome Western Whitetail action.” ~Bill Jordan, Realtree

    The action is often fast and furious with the November rut exposing the best of the whitetail bucks. The fun part about this hunt is it is very much like hunting muleys, spot and stalk style. The shots can often be long but you will see a lot of good deer on this ranch so come prepared to get your sneak on and reach out and touch a dandy from distance.

    • 60,000 Acres of Private Land in Idaho
    • Trophy Bucks Typically Scoring 140 to 160″+
    • 98% Success Rate
    • 100% Opportunity on Trophy Bucks!
    • Late Hunts During the Rut
    • This Idaho Whitetail hunt is on private land along both the Clearwater River and Hells Canyon regions of north central Idaho, which according to Idaho Fish and Game hold some of the densest populations of whitetails in the state.
    • This trip has aired nine times on TNN Outdoors with Buckmasters founder Jackie Bushman and twice on RealTree Outdoors with Bill Jordan.
    • Hunting Season is in November during the peak of the rut.
    • Hunting will be on foot or with the aid of an ATV while glassing, calling, and hunting from stands or custom made shooting houses. Each hunter will have at least 1000 acres of undisturbed hunting to themselves. Area in total is over 60,000 acres.

    “We hunt a lot of different places each year, but every year we make it a point to go back to Idaho. We have been there for the past 9 years and enjoy the country tremendously. The deer are highly visible, offering a good chance of taking a mature whitetail. I took one of my best bucks ever in 1994 with this Outfitter: a 25″ spread, 11 point. I look forward to going back again this fall.” ~Jackie Bushman, Buckmasters

    There are two ranches, so lodging will be in either cabins or a guest house, complete with big screen TV, and private bedrooms for couples or families. The lodging is modern with full bathrooms, cabins, and nice large dining-living room area.

  • Outfitter: Boulder Creek Outfitters
    Weapon: Rifle
    Season: November
    Guided: 1x1
    Hunt Features:
    • Free range
    • Private ground
    • Spot-and-stalk
    • High trophy quality
    • Near 100% success
    Accommodations: Cabins
    Amenities: Cable TV
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