Nevada Chukar Hunting

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  • Premier Guided Chukar Hunts in Nevada.
    Wild upland bird hunting is becoming more and more limited each season, but Nevada still has some incredible wild chukar hunting.

    This Nevada chukar hunting outfitter has a kennel full of fine pointing dogs, and the knowledge of the area to get you into birds.

    “Our main goal is giving chukar hunters real value by locating quality places with ample amounts of pre-scouted upland birds.” -Bud

    Hunting Season
    These wild chukar hunts take place October through early November. Each year, prior to hunting season, all of the hunting locations are pre-scouted to determine quail populations, and where the birds are hanging.

    Hunting may take place across the entire state of Nevada depending on chukar populations. In most cases it is necessary to concentrate on a single species each day, but you can expect to run across a few coveys of Hungarian Partridge, and possibly even a few Gambels Quail depending on the area you are hunting.

    Each guide will take no more than two hunters (in most cases) and you will usually change guides daily so that you will have the pleasure of hunting with each guide and his dogs. All guides will have at least four dogs each. It is fun to watch the dogs range wide in the rugged expanse of chukar territory.

    “I have to say this was the best upland bird hunting I have ever experienced. Bud is an honest hardworking outfitter and I cannot recommend him highly enough.” -Louis Digiovanni

    Expect to do some walking
    Walking over your three days will be extensive, but it is normally on gently rolling hills with a few steep areas. Chukars live in rough country, but the guides do their best to find moderate terrain.

    Hunt behind well-trained pointing dogs
    Hunting behind a good pointer is a pleasure, and this outfitter runs some great dogs. You will enjoy their well-trained Brittany’s, Pointers, and English Setters.

    The outfitter will provide a room and meals during the trip including breakfast, a tailgate lunch with your guide for the day as well as dinner each night at the best restaurant in town.

  • Outfitter: On Point Guide Service of Nevada - Arizona
    Guided: 2x1
    Hunt Features:
    • Free range
    • High success rate
    Amenities: Fine Dining
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    1. Louis Nevada Chukar Hunting
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      I am very impressed with his knowledge of his territory, the fact that it is very huntable even for chukars, and that there are a lot of birds. The conventional wisdom is that chukar country is steep and tough to hunt… but that wasn’t the case at all. I can’t say enough good about them. The entire operation is consistently excellent and you should never have any worries attaching your name to them. I know I don’t with mine. I highly recommend this hunt,

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