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  • This outfitter has lots of different animals that can fit into any budget you might have! They offer hunts for Axis, Blackbuck, Fallow, Sika, and Auodad. There are also hunts offered for big game from Addax to Zebra! Since this outfitter has a strong position in Texas they can personalize your hunt to make it what you want or need! Our Texas exotics outfitter also has 14 year of experience! If your looking for a group that has experience and can make your hunt what you want it to be then this hunt is exactly what you need to look into!

    • Depending on the species you decide to hunt will decide how long you will hunt for.
    • Success rates are very high
    • Hunt includes guide
    • Private land and ranch hunts


    This Texas exotic hunt is very flexible with how you would like to spend your time with them. They have the ability to provide high end lodging all the way to your traditional tent camp. Depending on your tastes this outfitter has the hunts and accommodations you need!

  • Outfitter: Christian Outdoor Alliance
    • Bow
    • Rifle
    • 1x1
    • 2x1
    Hunt Features:
    • Private ground
    • Spot-and-stalk
    • Physically easy
    • High success rate
    • Corporate Destination
    • Cabins
    • Tent Camp
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    2 Reviews on “Texas Exotics”

    1. N/A Texas Exotics
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      For most of the Texas exotics hunt I sat in a blind, but on this day, instead of sitting in a hide my guide (Teddy) and I decided to spot and stalk some rams. I was interested in a nice Texas Dall Ram or a Hawaiian Black Ram, and we believed both to be in the vicinity. We stalked around through the bush for about three miles until we realized we were on track with some decent sized rams nearby. While Teddy was coming in by the side about 10 yards away from where I was, the rams, without any warning at all, walked right up on us! Eventually, after what seemed an eternity, the rams decided I must be something long dead and no problem at all. They turned and trotted only a couple of steps before my rifle went off and my Ram buckled and started to go down, however for fear that the animal might suffer even a minute I went to place another shot but the other darn rams got in the darn way for what seemed ages! (Teddy later tells me that was less than 10 seconds); I then placed an excellent shot and my Ram went straight down, literally biting the dust; dead.

    2. Ben Boutwell Texas Exotics
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      Ryan was an awesome host. My family and I went on this hunt for week. Ryan went beyond my expectations entertaining the 4 of us. From night pig hunts to the day time stand hunts.

      My daughter shot her first pig and a Hawaiian ram while there. It was such a great week my wife is now excited about hunting which has not happened in the past. Great family experience, quality time is hard to come by in our busy world. We didn’t lose any weight due to the great food. It is hard to explain how great the family atmosphere was. We got to know Ryan’s family and we felt right at home. Great times.

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