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  • High Densities of Good Quality Idaho Elk in Diverse Terrain
    Join up with expert guides, quality mountain stock and the best gear for 3-6 days of elk hunting in outstanding Idaho elk units. You’ll have a variety of hunting styles available: from a private land base camp out of a bed and breakfast to backcountry wall tent camps packed in on horseback to off your back bivy camps. You can expect to see huge herds and a large number of bulls every day. Bulls have been taken in these areas that score 350″+, but 250-320″ is a more realistic expectation. The success rate is high (75-90%) because of their private land “back-up” if hunting is tough in the wilderness areas.

    A Variety of Different Options for Elk Hunts
    Depending on your physical condition, you can hunt private land with high elk numbers and relatively easy terrain, pack in to wall tent camps with moderate to steep terrain, or for the hardcore hunter, a remote, hunt off your back trip with horse pack-out support.

    The private land based camp.
    This hunt has a mild terrain among river bottoms with high shot opportunities. You can stay at a Bed and Breakfast about a 30 minute drive from the hunting area, or you have the option of a bunk house/wall tent in the heart of the hunting area. The mornings will start off driving to and glassing from higher elevations to locate a particular bull and coming up with a plan to stalk or a location to intercept a traveling herd.

    Backcountry wall tent camps.
    These pack-in hunts will start out on horseback with a ride in ranging from 1 to 4 hours. All of the stock are well trained and experienced backcountry animals. Once at camp, accommodations will be very comfortable, large wall tents (cook tent, hunter tent, guide tent, and tack tent), cots complete with foam pads, lanterns, wood stoves, tableware, first aid kit, applicable safety equipment and more. Camp sizes will range in size from 1 hunter to a maximum of 4 hunters.

    Mornings start off with breakfast while guides/wranglers catch and saddle horses for the morning ride. The rides in the morning will vary in length and difficulty depending on where the elk are holding. Untampered and untamed, this is nature at its core; be sure to prepare for the physical challenge of steep, rugged terrain on this hunt.

    Lunches will be packed every day. We prefer to spend the entire day trying to locate your dream bull. Bulls on these hunts will be range from 260″ to 320″ with good potential of seeing a 360″ plus bull.

    Mountain man style hunt.
    This is an experience of the truest form of hunting. You and your guide will pack in all the supplies you need to enter the wilderness, cover steep country and set up mini camps in your search for high mountain backcountry game. The areas you will be hunting have only seen a small amount of human pressure due to the lack of access and rugged terrain. This 5 day hunt will have you camping on high ridges so you can start glassing at first light. All of your guides will be in very good shape and love these 1×1 off-your-back style hunts.

    Elevations range from 8,000 to 10,000 ft. Horse support will be available to pack out harvested animals.

    You will see elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep and mountain goats. This hunt is a true adventure.


    There are a few options for this hunt. Depending on the area you hunt (private land or Wilderness) you may be hunting from a wall tent, cabin or Bed and Breakfast.

    Combo Opportunities

    We highly suggest you get a mule deer tag while you are elk hunting in Idaho and there are also opportunities at pronghorn, bear and/or wolf.

    Hunting Season

    • Idaho’s rifle bull elk hunts run from the beginning to the end of October.
    • Cow elk rifle hunts begin early in November and run most of the month.
    • Youth only, antlerless only private land hunt is from the beginning of October through most of November.
    • Spike only camp is the 1st week of November.
    • There is a depredation hunt near cultivated fields all through August and September.
    • Your September tag is also good for an any weapon, spike bull hunt in November if you aren’t successful during the bowhunt. *not included in the price of this hunt.


    Flights can be purchased into Missoula MT, Idaho Falls ID or Sun Valley ID, which are all within a 3 hour drive of the Bed and Breakfast or ranch. Boise, ID is a 3.5 hour drive. Airport pickup and dropoff can be arranged at an additional cost with prior notice.

  • Outfitter: Horse Creek Outfitters
    Weapon: Rifle
    • October
    • November
    Hunt Features:
    • Free range
    • Spot-and-stalk
    • Average to good trophy quality
    • Physically difficult
    • Horseback hunt
    • Wilderness hunt
    • Hotel
    • Tent Camp
  • Overall Rating:
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    5 Reviews on “Idaho Elk Hunting Ranches”

    1. Brian Hasslen Idaho Elk Hunting Ranches
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon

      Very happy. This was my first experience going on a guided hunt. We had have very good success DYI in the past, but I wanted to go for a full on back country horseback hunt. I kind of knew what to expect but in a lot of ways it exceeded my expectations. I was just too exhausted to try and fill my deer tag as well yet I couldn’t be happier with the Outfitter, guides, wrangle, and cook. It was a fantastic experience. I will be back.

    2. Chuck Idaho Elk Hunting Ranches
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon

      This sucker is a toad. Packed this SOB out on my back, five trips total, 1,000 vertical up, 1,000 vertical down and about 5-6 miles per round trip. Feeling it today, but this is a real deal bull. Cut his tracks early in the snow, was freaking cold up there. All our food and water froze solid, even in the cooler. Had to thaw it out by the fire. Hammered him at 109 yards with a .308. There was another bull with him, but we never saw him, only his ghostly tracks through the burn.”

    3. Greg Idaho Elk Hunting Ranches
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon

      I was a bit excited when we called in a bull, and missed a mature 6×6. Then on my second opportunity, two days later, I shot and hit a mature bull, but my spotter confirmed that he was hit well and looked like he was not going to make it. We searched for two and a half days and still have not found the bull. –Big Bummer.

    4. Steve Idaho Elk Hunting Ranches
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      I passed up on some opportunities on some smaller bulls, but on the 5th day we got in on some rutting excitement. My guide called a group of cows out of the thickness of trees, and I made a perfect shot at 240 yds and dropped this great bull in his tracks. The six by five gross scored 328 6/8. The charter pilot couldn’t get antlers in the plane because he was so wide, so they ended up flying with the door open.

    5. Bren Hasslen Idaho Elk Hunting Ranches
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon

      This was three days of exhausting, exciting, and intense hunting. Just what the doctor ordered!!! This is hunting at its truest. By foot and horse back. Couldn’t get any better. I thought I was in decent shape for this hunt, but the mountains of Idaho and the Frank Church said otherwise kicking my ass thoroughly!! Adam, Don, Dalton, and Megan went above and beyond to make this a great, great hunt. Along the way we made some great friends!!! This is one great outfitter!!! They love what they do and it certainly showed!!

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