Idaho Archery Elk Hunt

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  • Bowhunting elk in Idaho during the rut is just plain fun!
    While bowhunting elk with this Idaho outfitter, you can expect to see huge herds and a large number of bulls every day. Bulls have been taken in this area that score 350″+, but 250-320″ is a more realistic expectation. The success rate is high (75-90%) because of their private land “back-up” if hunting is tough in the wilderness area.

    Three Very Different Archery Elk Hunts
    Depending on your physical condition, they can offer private land hunts with high elk numbers and easy terrain, wall tent pack in hunts with moderate to steep terrain, or for the hardcore bow hunter, a remote, hunt off your back with horse pack-out support.

    The private land archery elk hunts take in 3,500 plus acres of river-bottom ground.
    These are 100% fair chase, low fence, resident elk, but the terrain is mild and shot opportunity will be high. These hunts are conducted out of a Bed and Breakfast about a 30 minute drive from the hunting area, or a bunk house/wall tent in the heart of the hunting area. The mornings will start off with driving to and glassing from higher elevations to locate a particular bull and coming up with a plan to stalk or a location to intercept a traveling herd. Bulls up to 330″ have been harvested on these ranches.

    Pack-in hunts will all be done on horse, mule or horse and mule with the rides ranging from 1 to 4 hours.
    All of the stock are well trained and experienced backcountry animals. Once at camp, accommodations will be very comfortable, large wall tents (cook tent, hunter tent, guide tent, and tack tent), cots complete with foam pads, lanterns, wood stoves, table wear, first aid kit, applicable safety equipment and more. Camp sizes will range in size from 1 hunter to a maximum of 4 hunters.

    Your morning will start off with breakfast while guides/wranglers catch and saddle horses for the morning ride. The rides in the morning will vary in length and difficulty depending on where the elk are holding. Calling with set-ups, spot and stalk, and ambushes at water holes and wallows will be the primary methods of hunting.

    Lunches will be packed every day. We prefer to spend the entire day trying to locate your dream bull. Bulls on these hunts will be range from 260″ to 320″ with good potential of seeing a 360″ plus bull.

    For the hard core, hunt off your back, in shape hunter, they can customize this very thing.
    All of the guides are in good shape and love these 1×1 style hunts. Horse support will be available to access our most remote areas and its afoot from there. The areas you will be hunting have only seen a small amount of human pressure due to the lack of access and ruggedness of terrain. Elevations will be ranging from 8,000 to 10,000 ft. If you are willing to put the miles in, this may be the hunt you kill your public land, fair chase, “true giant”. Your tent, sleeping bag, food, clothing and miscellaneous items will be carried between you and your guide in backpacks. You will camp on high ridges so you can start glassing at first light.

    If, and when a bull is harvested, contact will be made to a packer via satellite phone and you will await your pack out. You will see elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep and mountain goats. This hunt is a true adventure.

    There are a few options for this hunt. Depending on the area you hunt (private land or Wilderness) you may be hunting from a wall tent, cabin or Bed and Breakfast.

    Combo Opportunities
    We highly suggest you get a mule deer tag too while you are bowhunting elk in Idaho.

    Hunting Season
    Bowhunting elk in Idaho takes place in September, but there is also a controlled “draw” bull hunt during October. Your September tag is also good for an any weapon, spike bull hunt in November if you aren’t successful during the bowhunt. *not included in the price of this hunt.

    This archery elk tag is available over the counter and you can purchase your Idaho hunting license here. You can expect shots anywhere from 15 to 65 yards depending on your hunting method, terrain, area (thick forest, over a wallow, or open sage brush flats). Idaho DOES NOT allow any electronic equipment attached to your bow (lighted sights, luminoc, etc) or the use of mechanical broad heads.

    Flights can be purchased into Missoula MT, Idaho Falls ID or Sun Valley ID, which are all within a 3 hour drive to the Bed and Breakfast or ranch. Boise, ID is a 3.5 hour drive. Pick up arrangements to and from the airport can be arranged at an additional cost with prior notice.

    Our team of guides are all very experienced, resourceful and adaptable. We all abide by the “whatever it takes” attitude and make sure your hunt is not only a successful one, but you leave already planning your next adventure with us.”

  • Outfitter: Horse Creek Outfitters
    Weapon: Rifle
    Guided: 1x1
    Hunt Features:
    • Free range
    • Spot-and-stalk
    • Average to good trophy quality
    • High success rate
    • Backcountry hunt
    • Hotel
    • Tent Camp
  • Overall Rating:
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    4 Reviews on “Idaho Archery Elk Hunt”

    1. Robert Crago Idaho Archery Elk Hunt
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      Trip was great Outfitter and staff were excellent and very professional. We hope we can go on more hunts with Adam in the future. I’m not much of a writer or story teller. The best things about the trip are the memories with my Son and the new friendships; the game harvested is just a plus. From the time we first arrived we felt right at home and as if we had known the Outfitter and staff for years, they are a class act very professional but very personable as if we were old family friends.

    2. Jay Cox Idaho Archery Elk Hunt
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      This has been the most physically and mentally challenging hunt I have ever experienced. In the end, I have experienced an adventure that I will remember forever. The days spent in the Idaho mountains are a constant learning experience that I will cherish forever.

    3. Dave Duray Idaho Archery Elk Hunt
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      I was delighted with the entire experience. The harder you work on this hunt, the greater your opportunity.

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