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  • For over 25 years this Quebec caribou hunting Outfitter has provided caribou hunters with the best access to North America’s most substantial caribou herds: the Leaf River and the George River herds.

    This outfitter runs his camps like a fine oiled machine. Fishing, black bear and small game hunting during these trips is off the hook, and free of charge. During the caribou hunt, clients are welcome to purchase additional licenses which would allow them to fish or ptarmigan hunt during open season.

    • The caribou hunting season runs August through early October. You could be hunting purely spot and stalk, waiting in ambush, or more likely, a combination of the two. Each morning you will leave camp by boat with your guide. Each guide usually has their “favorite” areas to hunt, but a lot of thought comes into the final decision every morning based on what went on the day before.
    • The moment you arrive in Montreal, the outfitter will provide Hotel contact numbers for you to make reservations for your evening prior to departure and from there.
    • The camp is located in the area known as the Ungava Bay Region of northern Quebec’s Eastern Arctic. It is in Inuit controlled lands, governed under the James Bay Agreement. The area consists of 300,000 square miles of the most pristine landscapes, dotted with as many lakes as land. It is above the tree line, which offers clear and open shooting. However, the rolling hillside provides enough relief for stalking.
    • The camp itself is very comfortable and consists of two individual wooden cabins set up to accommodate 4 hunters in each and two cabins for the guides and kitchen staff.
    • The kitchen and dining area is extremely well equipped and is separate from the sleep cabins. The camp has hot & cold running water, generator and oil heat.
  • Outfitter: High North Outfitting
    Weapon: Rifle
    • August
    • September
    • October
    • 1x1
    • 2x1
    Hunt Features:
    • Free range
    • Spot-and-stalk
    • Wilderness hunt
    Accommodations: Cabins
    Amenities: Home Cooked Meals
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