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  • 3 Reviews on “Wilderness Idaho Mule Deer Rut Hunt”

    • Marty Cantler
      2 years ago

      We hunted Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and saw many deer, elk and even some bighorn sheep which were only 60 yards away. We were looking for the biggest buck we could find, and saw some good ones, but none that we wanted to shoot. On Thursday Chris and his Guide Dan were out and when they came back to camp for lunch told the outfitter and I about a nice buck they had seen that morning. We decided to all go back and see if we could find him. It was about 45 minutes from camp and when we glassed, we soon found him 250 yards straight down the mountain. I decided I wanted him and took my shot, he was still moving so I shot again to be sure and that was it. I already got the mount back for Christmas and he looks awesome on the wall!

    • Ben Tibbits
      2 years ago

      We hunted mule deer back in October and it was definitely the trip of a lifetime in my opinion. Everything was top notch the entire way, just being honest I’ve never been on a mule deer hunt that was “slow”, “tuff” whatever you want to call it and been 100% no regrets and satisfied after coming out, but this one was another level.

      Basically the numbers were just off this year due to several factors out of any ones control, and we drew the straw for that year. You always hear people saying shooting something when you go hunting is icing on the cake, when I go hunting just being honest here again, shooting what I go after is the cake, the rest is just icing.

      The guides put on a hunt though that had I not killed a thing I would have been more than satisfied. Nothing was ever missing or short cut from the camp to the equipment and guides, someone ask me after we came out about our guide, Adam and how confident I was in him while we were in the backcountry. My exact response to them was ‘I would walk off in hell with him and expect to come out the other side.’

    • Gary Ball
      2 years ago

      The outfitter and all the guide’s – personnel were 110% courteous, appreciative and well mannered. He runs a tight ship and you set us up with a guy and place that showed us lots of Bucks.

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