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  • 3 Reviews on “South Africa Plains Game Safari”

    • Robert Gillow
      2 years ago

      It was a Great learning experience for both of us, as I was one of the first Traditional bowhunters they had at camp. They were extremely interested in my equipment (from my longbow to my stone arrowheads) and how to set up hunts for future Traditional bowhunters. WOULD NOT CHANGE A THING!

    • Cory Glauner
      2 years ago

      Botes is the best outfitter I have ever hunted with. Even in Africa, where great is the norm. He is very focused on every detail of your safari, making sure that it goes without a hitch. Also, he isn’t just happy with you taking “decent” animals. He wants you to go home with true trophies. You may find a cheaper safari up front, but his prices are all-inclusive, up front with no surprises at the end of your hunt, and I dare say you won’t find a better one. I can’t wait to go back!

    • Todd Osborn
      2 years ago

      The powerful eminence of the 1st Kudu bull I saw nearly had my heart pounding out of my chest!
      The vertical stripes on a Zebra make perfect sense in the vertical shadows of the wooded hilltops where they live.
      The dexterous movement of a Baboon’s hands is eerily familiar in a non-human animal.
      The effortless, graceful speed of an enormous Giraffe is something that never equated for me until I saw one traverse a valley below the ridge where we were sitting.
      I’ve seen video and documentaries and movies of Africa; I’ve heard hunting stories from people who’d been there; none of that ever came close to describing the first hand experience (the vibration of the ground because you’re that close) of seeing and being in close vicinity with those animals; of sometimes never even seeing them but knowing that they are there; of being in Africa.

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