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  • 2 Reviews on “Namibia Plains Game Safari”

    • Fandrich Family
      2 years ago

      We saw tons of animals, but the Kudu was by far the hardest animal to hunt. We saw lots, but typically only for a split second. After a few days of walk and stalk, we decided to hunt s high blind. We saw a decent Kudu come out at dark, and Helmuth told me that he was a shooter but that we should wait for a bigger one- glad we did. We went back to the same blind the next morning around 0900 after a stalk through the dry river bed, and only had to wait an hour before a mature bull stepped out for a drink of water. The rest is history. He was a brute at 54 1/2 inches, and only ran about 70 meters before crashing.

      The food was exceptional, and what we truly enjoyed is the fact that we could just be ourselves. Not having to worry about other hunters, as we had the place to ourselves- very relaxed and comfortable setting, and we truly felt “at home”. my wife Judith went on several stalks with me and with with me when I took my warthog, and was in the truck when I took my Oryx. She also spent several hours with me in the high blind and enjoyed seeing all the animals. When she decided to not go out on the hunt, she relaxed on the back patio reading and playing with the dogs. She said that it was much nicer than she ever expected. Plus, she didn’t have to worry about laundry or cooking- a big plus!

      If we would have had more time we would have done some bird hunting, as doves and grouse were everywhere. We also saw some Guinea Fowl. The boys hunted off the farm for three days. First day was for Impala and they didn’t see anything. Second day was for warthog and my son Joshua killed a nice one, and saw a trophy Kudu at the waterhole from the high blind. The third day they went to a concession farm nearby and each killed an Impala that afternoon. They were super excited and we will do a shoulder mount on Joshua’s Impala. They hunted hard each day, and never complained. Typically up around 5:49 AM, and were falling asleep at the dinner table. The bonfire at night was relaxing, and the weather there for mid June was perfect! Not too cold and not too warm. This was an amazing safari, and I can’t wait to get the shoulder mounts and skulls back!

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