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Animal Artistry

At its best, an animal trophy tells stories. There’s the tale of the animal itself. And then there’s the story of the hunt

About Usand its many experiences — the cool morning air, the rustling leaves, the anticipation and the adrenaline. Bringing these stories to life is the goal behind every original piece that we create here at Animal Artistry. And it’s been that way since we began in 1980.

As the world’s leading animal art studio, we approach every project with the same exacting standards — exceptional attention to detail and the utmost care and respect for the animal itself. Each piece is an original, individually designed and sculpted to enhance the animal’s best features while reflecting accurate anatomy and genuine wildlife behavior.

Your experience doesn’t end with the kill. At Animal Artistry, we create the works of art that truly finish the hunt. And it’s all done with the industry’s fastest turnaround time.

Our History

Animal Artistry began four decades ago as a mid-life crisis. Disillusioned with my chosen career, I decided to try to do something that I really loved — taxidermy. Since childhood, I have been utterly fascinated with animals and with the concept of preserving their beauty. To that end, I tendered my resignation and put together a small studio in my garage. Much to the credit of my wife, she tolerated the mess and the fumes that transcended into our home.

Up to that point, I had never seen a financially successful taxidermist, which is why I had a self-imposed timeline of two years. If it didn’t work out in that time, we could call it therapy and move on to a real job. Fortunately, we happened to come along at the right time with the right idea. The vision I had of wildlife was not of a stuffed, stagnant trophy, but of a living, moving animal, with all its inherent grace and dignity. This concept of animals in motion — the art of the animal — resonated, and things began happening quickly.

We were eventually kicked out of our garage by the neighbors and forced to take a small commercial building (which should have been condemned). Having no business background, we navigated the dual struggle of creating a new form of taxidermy while also developing some kind of business model. Along the way, we probably made every mistake that can be made before eventually finding a system that worked. Today, Animal Artistry is one of the most respected taxidermy studios in the world, with a talented team of 40 artists, and our work can be seen around the world. Our story is truly an American success story and even now, it is not finished.

Since the beginning, our vision hasn’t wavered — creating original works of wildlife art that beautifully share the story of your hunt. If you share that vision, we’d love the opportunity to work with you.

Website: www.animalartistry.com

Phone: 775-323-0203

We will accommodate after hours and weekend drop offs. Please contact Stewart Brown at 775-342-7231 or 775-622-4205 for assistance outside normal business hours.

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