Zimbabwe Tuskless Elephant Hunt

Tuskless Elephant Hunt or Non-Trophy Elephants Under 35 Pounds

Tuskless Elephant HuntsThis free-ranging, non trophy, tuskless elephant hunt take splace in Zimbabwe.

You will hunt for management animals, meaning that this is for tuskless elephants or bulls that are under 35 lbs. If you want to hunt elephant but it just isn’t in the budget, this hunt is for you! Zimbabwe can be a bit of a moving target politically so it’s very important to have a consultant help you with this hunt. Get more information

You will be moved to tears by the heart-felt gratitude of the local villagers. The elephants destroy their livelihoods, and make it very hard if not impossible for them to take care of and feed their families. They are desperate for help. These non trophy elephant hunts have been some of the most memorable experiences of my life.”

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This hunt is a great experience you will feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment for helping these struggling farmers. Elephants cause catastrophic and sometimes lethal damage to their farms. These people are truly grateful for the hunters who manage these elephants. Talk to a consultant for details.

Zimbabwe non-trophy elephant huntsThe Hunt
From the time of your arrival until your departure from Zimbabwe this Professional Hunter (PH) will ensure that your experience is comfortable,exiting and rewarding. This Zimbabwe non trophy elephant hunt takes place on a huge, UN-FENCED area near Victoria Falls. This elephant hunt includes a PH, vehicle, meals, drinks, accommodations, skinner, tracker.

Once you get your non-trophy or tuskless elephant down, photos will be taken and the local village will get the meat. These elephants are not exportable. You will get photos, a cast of the tusks (if you wish) and some incredible memories.

These non trophy / non exportable elephant hunts are available for the an incredible price. If you want to hunt elephant but it just isn’t in the budget, this hunt is for you!

Hunting Season
These hunts usually take place June through September.

Hunting Method
Elephant are generally hunted on foot, picking up and following fresh spoor at waterhole’s or across roads. You must use a minimum rifle caliber of .375, however the outfitter prefers that you shoot a .458 or .416.

*Bowhunting is available by special permit. You must begin the process AT LEAST a month in advance.

Game not listed is negotiable.

Trophy Quality and Success Rates
This is NOT a trophy hunt. Elephants must either be tuskless or under 35 lbs. These elephants are not exportable. Meat will go to the local villagers and the rest of the animal will go to the Zimbabwe government. The success rate is 95%.

Available Game
In addition to elephant, most plains game species and buffalo are available.*prices upon request

Accommodations vary according to the area you will be hunting, but just like on most Africa hunts, you can be sure that they will be very nice and fully staffed.

All vehicles are well maintained four wheel drive vehicles that are fitted out with all necessary equipment to ensure a trouble free hunting Safari.

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    1. says

      Does the hunting affect the general elephant populations in Zimbabwe? How much is the ecology affected by the hunting due to the elephants being a key species in Africa? Are the tusk poachers keep out of the busyness? If all that is dealt properly I will agree with hunting with restictions and one that keep the level of tusked elephants. Alive other wise we can face a tuskless elephant hell future…but that is better than having no. elephants at all.

    2. Anonymous says

      How hard is it to kill an elephant when all you have to do is drive up on them, hop out of the vehicle an then shoot. I would say I would be proud of the tuff hunt I just went through.

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