Zimbabwe Lion Hunt for Free Ranging Lions

This Zimbabwe lion hunt consistently produces trophy, full-maned lions.

Zimbabwe Lion Hunt for Free Ranging Lion
This Zimbabwe lion hunt consistently produces trophy African lions with success rates that can not be touched by most areas in Africa. Free ranging lions.
Zimbabwe constently produces excellent African lions with success rates that can not be touched by most areas in Africa.

One of the most sought after of the Big 5, the African lion remains one of the most popular hunts. Zimbabwe lion hunting can be a bit of a moving target politically so it’s very important to have a consultant help you with this hunt.

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Our objective is for your Zimbabwe lion hunt to exceed your expectations. We are confident that you will return home with a great trophy and even better memories as you plan your next Safari with us.”

Zimbabwe Lion HuntZimbabwe Lion Hunting Season
Lion hunting is available year-round in Zimbabwe.

Hunting Method
Lion hunting is done either by baiting, Spot-and-stalk, or a combination of the two. Patience and persistence are the two words often associated with a successful Zimbabwe lion hunt. Hanging bait, looking for fresh lion sign, hanging more bait, checking baits, all these being every day routines to a hunt, rather monotonous, until things start to fall into place. After one of the baits has been fed on, the PH will decide if there was a lion that visited the bait worth having a look at. This can be worked out by the size of the tracks around the bait or as often the case a large maned lion will leave behind some of his mane hairs on the bait, giving you an idea or indication on the length of his mane. After all preparations are finished and all is in place the waiting game will then begin.

From the time of your arrival until your departure from Zimbabwe this Professional Hunter (PH) will ensure that your Zimbawe lion hunt experience is comfortable, exiting and rewarding. The hunt takes place on a huge, UNFENCED area near Victoria Falls. This Zimbabwe lion hunt includes a PH, vehicle, meals, drinks, accommodations, skinner, tracker. Camp will be in thatched chalets.

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A great deal has been said about canned lion hunting, but we can assure you that this Zimbabwe lion hunt is for free ranging lions in large, unfenced areas. With strict quotas in all hunting areas, lion populations within the areas that you will hunt in are healthy, therefore giving the hunter a very high chance of being able to have a successful chance of fulfilling their goals of hunting a truly wild, large maned lion.”

Game not listed is negotiable. Lions in Zimbabwe require a CITES permit.

Trophy Quality and Success Rates
Quality, trophy lions are the norm, and the success rate is 70%. A refund is offered if you do not harvest your lion. Be prepared to do a lot of walking, although the terrain is fairly easy.

Available Game
In addition to lion, most plains game species, cape buffalo, and leopard are available. *prices upon request

This Zimbabwe lion hunting concession is 1½ hours Southwest of Victoria near Hwange National Park. Fly from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls or charter a private aircraft from South Africa to the private are strip located on the concession.

Accommodations on Your Lion Hunt
There are two different lodges available, but each has two-bed, thatch roof chalets with in-suite bathrooms and a Lapa (a simple, thatch-roofed lodge without walls) to socialize around the fire and for meals. See photos of each below. There is also a skinning shed with block and tackle as well as a salting shed. Location is very remote with generator power.

All vehicles are well maintained four wheel drive vehicles that are fitted out with all necessary equipment to ensure a trouble free hunting Safari.

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