Zimbabwe Leopard Hunting Safari

Aim small, miss small… you’re PH will appreciate it.

Zimbabwe leopard hunting can be dangerous. Very dangerous.

Leopard hunting in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe leopard hunting begins with a plains game hunt for bait animals. Once the bait sites are established, hunting begins.
Any sane hunter should be thinking that the leopard is, pound for pound, the most dangerous animal in the world when wounded. 

Zimbabwe can be a bit of a moving target polically so it’s very important to have a consultant help you with this hunt.

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The African Leopard is NOT endangered. In fact the official description for their status is as follows – “still numerous and even thriving in marginal habitats” where other large cats have disappeared.

Zimbabwe Leopard huntingZimbabwe leopard hunting is an adventure where you will experience a classic African Safari like it was at the times of Cecil John Roads and Saluu. In terms of Dangerous game, it is one of the most affordable places in Africa to hunt. From the time of your arrival until your departure from Zimbabwe this Professional Hunter (PH) will ensure that your Zimbabwe leopard hunting experience is comfortable, exiting and rewarding.

Leopard Hunting Season
Leopard hunting is available year-round in Zimbabwe.

Hunting Method
Zimbabwe leopard hunting begins with a plains game hunt for bait animals. Once the bait sites are established, hunting begins. Baits are checked daily and replenished when required, which can be tedious and time consuming, but it is vital to the success of your hunt. When a bait is finally hit and it is determined that it is a shooter male, a blind will be constructed and the waiting game begins. Luring a mostly nocturnal predator into a shootable position during daylight hours often requires great patience, so be prepared. When it all comes together, and a leopard magically appears on your bait is an exhilarating experience that will long be remembered as a highlight of your hunting career.

There is no hunting with hounds. Hunt in the mornings and evenings in a blind over bait. 25 – 35 yard shots. Any medium caliber rifle from 30.06 and upwards is adequate with the best shot being for the shoulder and vitals area. Use the best quality soft nosed ammunition you can get.

*Pre-baiting is available (ask for price).
*Bow hunting is available by special permit at least one month in advance.

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Unlike hunting the other Dangerous Game species, Zimbabwe leopard hunting requires baiting to lure them into range. Much like a chess match, leopard hunting requires both patience and persistence and the hunter should be prepared to dedicate a large portion of his Safari to this pursuit.

Game not listed is negotiable. Zimbabwe leopard hunting require a CITES permit (included).

Trophy Quality and Success Rates
With leopard hunting, trophy quality is usually not as important as deciding whether it is a mature male or not. No females are allowed. Success rate is 70%.

Available Game
In addition to leopard, most plains game species and cape buffalo are available.
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Leopard hunting in ZimbabweTravel
This Zimbabwe leopard hunting concession is 1 ½ hours Southwest of Victoria near Hwange National Park. Fly from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls or charter a private aircraft from South Africa to the private are strip located on the concession.

All vehicles are well maintained four wheel drive vehicles that are fitted out with all necessary equipment to ensure a trouble free hunting Safari.

There are two different lodges available, but each has two-bed, thatch roof chalets with in-suite bathrooms and a Lapa (a simple, thatch-roofed lodge without walls) to socialize around the fire and for meals. See photos of each below. There is also a skinning shed with block and tackle as well as a salting shed. Location is very remote with generator power.

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