Zimbabwe Hippo Crocodile Combo Hunt

A hippo crocodile hunt is a great side adventure to your Safari

hippo crocodile combo hunt in ZimbabweThis Zimbabwe hippo crocodile hunting package is seven days on a huge area near Victoria Falls.

A great side adventure to add to your Plains Game Safari, or you can book this hippo crocodile combo hunt as a stand-alone Safari. Hippo hunting in a ton of fun, and croc hunting can be very challenging.

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This hippo crocodile hunt in Zimbabwe is a classic African Safari adventure. In terms of dangerous game, it is one of the most affordable places in Africa to hunt.

Hunting Season in Zimbabwe:
The best time for a hunting hippo crocodile hunt in Zimbabwe is from April through October, however hunting is available year-round.

Hippo Crocodile Hunting Method:
This 2×1 hippo crocodile hunt usually begins in a 4×4 vehicle from the camps. Once you are in the hunting area along the river, hunting will be on foot. Crocs will be on the banks and hippos will be in the shallows or on the banks as well. This is not an overly strenuous hunt.
*Bow hunting in Zimbabwe is available by special permit at least one month in advance.

Trophy Quality and Success Rates
Trophy quality is very good and the success rate is 90%. Crocodile average 12 feet long with some measuring up to 18 feet! Hippo hunting is for mature males only.

Archery hippo hunting in Zimbabwe
Hippo hunting is fun, and can be compared to pig hunting. You might try to slip in on them from a canoe, or you may be stalking them from the bank. Any mature hippo is going to be a huge animal and a pleasure to hunt on a safari. Hippo are CITIES II animals and are allowed to be imported into the USA.

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Crocodile hunting in Zimbabwe
Crocodile are a challenging animal to hunt. Their sense of smell is surprisingly good, they smell at least as well as an antelope. They see relatively well, and can even feel vibrations in the water and on the ground. The trick to crocodile hunting is to find a big croc on the shore sun bathing, then set up a blind or stalk him. Make a mistake and he will dissapear.

Crocodile can be over 100 years old and risky shots are not allowed. It is a privilege to be able to hunt such a prehistoric animal. Crocodile are CITIES II animals and hunted trophies are allowed to be imported into the USA.

This Zimbabwe Elephant hunting concession is 1 ½ hours Southwest of Victoria near Hwange National Park. Fly from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls or charter a private aircraft from South Africa to the private are strip located on the concession.

Available Game
In addition to hippo and crocodile, most plains game species (including sable), buffalo and leopard are available.

There are two different lodges available, but each has two-bed, thatch roof chalets with in-suite bathrooms and a Lapa (a simple, thatch-roofed lodge without walls) to socialize around the fire and for meals. See photos of each below. There is also a skinning shed with block and tackle as well as a salting shed. Location is very remote with generator power.

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