Zimbabwe Elephant Hunting for 50-90+ lb. Bulls

Trophy Zimbabwe elephant hunting for Trophy Bulls

This Zimbabwe elephant hunt is fourteen days in the Hwange or Gonerezhou area depending on availability.

Zimbabwe elephant hunting
Zimbabwe elephant hunting for trophy bulls. This trophy elephant hunt targets bull elephants that will go 50+ pounds with some bulls going up to 90 lbs.

This trophy elephant hunt targets bull elephants that will go 50+ pounds with some bulls going up to 90 lbs. Other dangerous and plains game species available per the price list. Zimbabwe can be a bit of a moving target politically so it’s very important to have a consultant help you with this hunt. Request Information on this hunt

Zimbabwe elephant hunting should exceed your expectations. We are confident that you will return home from your Safari with a great trophy elephant and even better memories.”

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Zimbabwe Elephant HuntingZimbabwe Elephant Hunting Season
The best periods for hunting elephants in Zimbabwe are from April through October.

Hunting Method
Elephant are generally hunted on foot, picking up and following fresh spoor at waterhole’s or across roads. From the time of your arrival until your departure from Zimbabwe this Professional Hunter (PH) will ensure that your experience is comfortable,exiting and rewarding. Zimbabwe trophy elephant hunting includes a PH, vehicle, meals, drinks, accommodations, skinner, tracker.

*You must use a min. rifle caliber of .375, and .458 or .416 is preferred.

Game not listed is negotiable. Elephants in Zimbabwe require a CITES permit.

Trophy Quality and Success Rates
Bulls on this trophy hunt average 50+ lbs. with some going up to 90 lbs. depending on the area. Success rate is 70% and a refund is offered if you do not harvest your elephant. Be prepared to do a lot of walking. The terrain is fairly easy though.

There is a $10,500 refund if an elephant is not shot on your hunting Safari!

Available Game
In addition to elephant, most plains game species and cape buffalo are available.
*prices upon request

Zimbabwe elephant huntingTravel
This Zimbabwe trophy elephant hunting concession is 1 ½ hours Southwest of Victoria near Hwange National Park. Fly from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls or charter a private aircraft from South Africa to the private are strip located on the concession.

There are two different lodges available, but each has two-bed, thatch roof chalets with in-suite bathrooms and a Lapa (a simple, thatch-roofed lodge without walls) to socialize around the fire and for meals. See photos of each below. There is also a skinning shed with block and tackle as well as a salting shed. Location is very remote with generator power.

All vehicles are well maintained four wheel drive vehicles that are fitted out with all necessary equipment to ensure a trouble free hunting Safari.