Zimbabwe Buffalo Hunting

Free Ranging Zimbabwe Buffalo Hunting Safaris.

cape-buffalo-huntingIn terms of Dangerous game, Zimbabwe is one of the most affordable places in Africa to hunt Cape buffalo.

Zimbabwe buffalo hunting is an adventure where you will experience a classic African Safari like it was at the times of Cecil John Roads and Saluu.

Zimbabwe can be a bit of a moving target politically so it’s very important to have a consultant help you with this hunt.

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Of the African Big Five, the Cape buffalo has probably earned itself the most notorious reputation for being dangerous.”

Cape buffalo hunts in ZimbabweZibabwe Buffalo Hunting Season
The best periods for hunting cape buffalo in Zimbabwe are from April through October.

Zimbabwe cape buffalo hunting is typically done with two hunters per Professional Hunter (PH). You will leave camp early in the morning and ride in a hunting vehicle to find fresh buffalo tracks crossing the road. Once a good bull track is found, hunting will be on foot behind the PH and his tracker. There will usually also be a game scout along as well. Finding the cape buffalo usually takes a few hours, but sometimes you will follow the track all day. Shots will vary from 15 to 80 yards.

buffalo hunting in zimOnce you you get your cape buffalo bull, the PH can usually get the vehicle to it and winch it onto the back, however sometimes the skinners and trackers butcher and pack the buffalo back to the vehicle.

*Bowhunting is available by special permit. You must begin the process AT LEAST a month in advance.

*Free-ranging plains game (including Sable) and leopard can be added to the hunt as well. Ask for price list.

Success Rate for Zimbabwe cape buffalo hunting is 90%. You should encounter buffalo every day. Trophy bulls start at 36” but the average bull is 36 – 39” with bulls taken every year up to 42 inches. There is no added fee for higher trophy quality.

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The trophy quality on this hunt is very good. There are some huge bulls here. Hunters should be in fairly good shape for this hunt as there can sometimes be a lot of walking.

In addition to cape buffalo, most plains game species are available. *prices upon request

This Zimbabwe cape buffalo hunting concession is 1 ½ hours Southwest of Victoria near Hwange National Park. Fly from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls or charter a private aircraft from South Africa to the private are strip located on the concession.

There are two different lodges available. Each has two-bed, thatch roof chalets with in-suite bathrooms and a Lapa (a simple, thatch-roofed lodge without walls) to socialize around the fire and for meals. See photos of each below. There is also a skinning shed with block and tackle as well as a salting shed. Location is very remote with generator power.

All vehicles are well maintained four wheel drive vehicles that are fitted out with all necessary equipment to ensure a trouble free hunting Safari.

If you’ve ever dreamt about an African Safari, you can’t beat Zimbabwe cape buffalo hunting. Thousands of acres of countryside stretch for miles and miles with no fences, mopane forests and thick “jess” where the buffalo like to shade up during the day.

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