Whitetail SLAM – The Ultimate Deer Hunting Challenge

Whitetail SLAM, LLC (www.WhitetailSLAM.com) is pleased to announce the official launch of Whitetail SLAM-a new multimedia platform that will educate, honor, recognize and award North American whitetail hunters who join the quest for a Whitetail SLAM.

The Whitetail SLAM MapThe mission of Whitetail SLAM is to give every hunter a slam they achieve hunting North America’s most popular big game animal-the white-tailed deer-and capture the excitement and experience of those hunters through Whitetail SLAM multimedia.

With the help of renowned biologists Dr. Harry Jacobson and Dr. James Kroll, as well as Kip Adams and Brian Murphy from the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), Whitetail SLAM has identified eight distinct subgroups of whitetails across North America based on unique biological, geographical and habitat characteristics, that offer a very different hunting experience for each:

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The guidelines for accomplishing a Whitetail SLAM are simple and unpretentious: Hunters who harvest and register any legal buck from any four of the whitetail subgroup territories will complete a Whitetail SLAM. Registering any legal buck from all eight whitetail territories constitutes an Ultimate Whitetail SLAM. Past or future bucks qualify, and there is no minimum antler size required.

Anyone can join the Whitetail SLAM community by registering for free online. Members will receive an e- newsletter, digital magazine and chances to win gear in weekly drawings. Hunters who register at least one buck on WhitetailSLAM.com will additionally receive a print magazine, and will be able to sign up for free monthly online drawings to win hunts.

The popularity of whitetail hunting has grown far beyond my wildest dreams. It is time to take the next step. Finally, we’ll recognize a hunting achievement that combines the uniqueness of North America’s whitetails and the challenges associated with their diverse habitats. A Whitetail SLAM is the ultimate deer-hunting quest!”
~Kroll (aka “Dr. Deer”)

The WhitetailSLAM.com website allows hunters to create their own customized SLAM Page to showcase and share their bucks, their hunting stories and their personal achievements, and to connect and socialize with other SLAMMERS.

To learn more about the Whitetail SLAM experience, please log on to www.WhitetailSLAM.com.



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