What shape are you? Is It Time To Train To Hunt?

Train to Hunt
by Brent Martel

Do you Train to Hunt? What shape are you in?

Round mostly, thanks for asking.

It never fails, we have the right intentions but lack the tenacity I suppose. I am talking about about the physical shape our bodies are in. What kind of shape do we wish to be in for hunting season….now is the time to train to hunt if you have not already started.

There are many factors that can be considered when attempting to sculpt our bodies into super hunting machines.  There also lots of good books, video’s, trainers, and gym’s a person can consult.  I would prefer to use the beer and twinkie diet plan but round is not the shape I want unless rolling down the hill is a better method of finding wild game. That is not a good method where I hunt so I maybe I need to find a new super secret spot! All joking aside, we recommend a subscription to TrainToHunt.com.

Training and being in decent shape is much different than being an iron man contender.  Consider the area you hunt, your goals, your lifestyle, and your mirrors opinion as starters.  Bottom line, what do you want to become?  If getting started is a mind blowing experience and the thought of consulting Kenton at TrainToHunt.com is worse than going to the tooth doctor I will give you few pointers to shake your head over.

1. Set a goal- If your height and waist line are equal to each other you have become a donut.  Whether you want to be an iron man, a sheep hunter, or an underwear model you have to have a place to get to and getting to that place is the problem. Set a goal that is realistic but not easily obtained.  If sheep hunting was easy would you do it?

2. Take some pictures- and measurements.  Nothing is uglier than the truth and a tape measure.  The cool thing about stuff that is recorded like measurements and photo’s is that they don’t change, they tell the story the same way every time they are looked at…….screaming get off the couch you fat…….

3. Develop a plan- Another easy task for the cerberally challenged. Yup, what am I going to do today regarding gettin’ sum exercise and fueling my 400 lb round shape.  Fuel? you say.  Yes, don’t be pouring regular gas into your diesel truck or bad stuff is gonna happen.  Don’t be putting bad food into your tank or bad stuff is going to happen.

4. Execute the plan- Oh, this is the truth in its birthday suit.  You can talk the talk, but can you back it up.  In late September at 8000 feet the herd bull is screaming at you from an aspen stand above an alpine meadow.  He is taking his girls for a stroll to the bedding area and is not coming back for you period.  What you gonna do? 
A. Charge on to get on a equal playing field with King Kong and start a fight?
B. Look for another bull? 
C. Wait until he comes back?
D. Take a nap and enjoy the experience?

B and D are good choices because Cory happened to be a 1/4 mile away and was listening to the vocal debate.  He had already began his all out assault and is now drawing back is bow and settling his 20 yard pin behind the Kong’s shoulder. 

5. Never give up.  I admit it is easier to come up with excuses than it is to get to the gym etc  I hate shopping for non-hunting clothes therefore my goal is to wear out my pants vs having to up size.  If I do have to shop I don’t want to have to try them on to see if the size indicated is in fact the size indicated and not some sadistic trick.  Tricks are for people who have control of their hostile button.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to consult an expert and make sure you take care of yourself.  If you have not been exercising regularly or have medical conditions consult with a doctor.  Life experiences are the experiences of life and I know I want them to be great.



  1. Tom Sorenson says

    You’re on a roll today – good stuff – and humorously written! I like it.

    I am still in that twilight zone between high school and getting older. When I was in high school – and even into my college days – I used to be real active in sports and what not, and never was concerned about being in shape for hunting season. I just always was. The last few years, I’ve noticed my brother wears me out, my 60 year old dad wears me out (he’s not your typical 60 year old, dad, mind you) and I’m getting just a little more round every year. I still hike up and down the mountains, but what I really connected with in your story, is the bull that just up and leaves – the last few years, that has been game over for me, whereas five years ago, it was time to really start hoofin’ it. I think I’ve denied being out of shape because I still hunt the steep and rough country, but I notice I do it slower now. Time to get to work! Sorry for the long comment – this was good stuff, though!

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