Washington Whitetail Hunting – Late Season Archery Hunts

Larry D Jones

Larry D Jones Hunts with this Washington Whitetail hunting Outfitter

Thousands of private acres and 2.2 million acres of public land

The Northeastern Corner of Washington state has long been known as a Washington whitetail hunting hotspot, and is fast becoming known as nationwide hotspot for whitetail hunting. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you will.

You could go to Canada for this same deer hunt… but do you want to hassle with that when you could do it here in the States? Get more information »

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This outfitter can and does hunt over bait. They take full advantage of every advantage they have to assure you see quality deer. Don’t let this bait hunt fool you, it is truly a hunt where stamina and “hunt savvy” is a must.

Washington deer hunting

Washington whitetail huntingHunting Season
Mid-November through mid-December.

Hunting Method
This is not an early morning hunt. You will wake up at 7AM and head to the stand around 8:30, where you will then sit in the tree stand until dark. Your guide will pick you up and take you back to the lodge for dinner and bed.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
Trophy quality on this hunt is very good. Expect to see bucks in the 125″ to 160″ range. With high opportunity rates and the chance of taking a trophy buck, this hunt is a great choice for any level bow hunter.

The big bucks hang out in the area during the pre-rut as well as during the peak of the rut, because the does are in and out all day long… then, after the rut because they are needing the feed.

A great buck in velvetA nice buck on trail camgood bucks on trail camTrail cam picstrophy buck on trail cama good buck at the feed stationTrail cam picWashington State WhitetailNice late season buck

We are very successful because we keep the number of hunter down and the quality of the experience unforgettable, we can use feed, and take full advantage of this resource. On their wintering range. When the snow in the mountains push all the game down on the south facing slopes and flats, you will see plenty of animals wile on stand, this is the kind of hunt you would have go to Canada for, and pay twice as much, with out any of the hassle of crossing the boarder into another country, while keeping your dollar at home.

This hunt takes place one hour North of Spokane, Washington. Most hunters fly to Spokane and then either rent a car or have the Outfitter pick them up and return them to the airport for a small fee.

Climate and Weather
This hunt can be extremely cold with lots of snow. Come prepared. Good gear is a must!
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Guiding is 2 on 1.

License and tags are over the counter.

You will stay in comfortable lodging, one of which is on a beautiful lake. Guests will enjoy a fully stocked kitchen, a full bathroom, and a washer and dryer. Home cooked meals. You just need to show up ready to hunt.

Lodge OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA the hunting area

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