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 SEASON 4 | 2014

Arizona OTC Archery Mule Deer w/ Russ Meyer

January, 2014 | Episode 1 | Season 4
Watch Russ Meyer of Outdoors International spot-and-stalk a nice mule deer with his bow. Over the course of a few hours he closes the distance from over a mile and a half away, and makes a perfect shot.


 SEASON 3 | 2013

Archery Muskox Hunting – “Three in the Books”

March, 2013 | Season 3 | Episode 1
Join Trevor Brittingham, as he and several hunting partners travel to the far northern edge of Canada with archery gear in pursuit of record book Barren-Ground Muskox.

Vapor Trailin’ Aoudads – Texas Sheep Hunting

February, 2013 | Season 3 | Episode 2
Marc Warnke, Cory Glauner, and Mike White hunt aoudad in the Davis Mountains of West Texas. Watch one of our best hunting videos, as they take three MONSTER rams, free-range, spot-and-stalk style.

Texas Deer Hunting and Spot-and-Stalk Hogs

January, 2013 | Season 3 | Episode 3
Marc Warnke and his son Jaken go to East Texas for a Texas deer hunt and topped it off with an action-packed spot-and-stalk hog hunt.

Red Stag Hunting in North America with Cory Glauner

October, 2013 | Season 3 | Episode 4
If you are anything like me, when you think about red stag hunting, you instantly think of New Zealand. However, if you live in North America, getting to New Zealand is no small trip. We have an option for you closer to home.

 SEASON 2 | 2012

Alaska Peninsula Spring Brown Bear Hunting Video

May, 2012 | Season 2 | Episode 1
Cory Glauner and Outdoors International client Bruce Templeton hunt spring brown bears on the Alaska Peninsula. Watch as they take a 10′+ trophy bear.

Bowhunting Arctic Grizzly Bear and Caribou in Alaska

August, 2012 | Season 2 | Episode 2
Russ Meyer and his client Kyle Hawkins archery hunt for Arctic grizzly bear and caribou in Alaska.

DIY Archery Elk Hunting Video

September, 2012 | Season 2 | Episode 3
Marc Warnke and Justin Sparks hunt bulls DIY style on the Idaho/Wyoming border.

British Columbia Archery Elk Hunting Video

September, 2012 | Season 2 | Episode 4
Marc Warnke hunts the STEEP and THICK elk country of British Columbia with his bow. Watch as he makes a great uphill 67 yard shot.

Archery Elk Hunting with Russ Meyer – Big Bull Down

September, 2012 | Season 2 | Episode 5
2012 was good to Russ. In mid-September, he hunted open country trying for an antelope/elk combo and ended up taking this nice archery bull.

Bowhunting for Antelope and Whitetails in Nebraska

November, 2012 | Season 2 | Episode 6
Russ Meyer and his Client Kurt Tony bowhunt for whitetails and antelope in Northwest Nebraska.

South Texas Management Whitetail Hunt

January, 2012 | Season 2 | Episode 7
Cory Glauner take his first ever whitetail and then a great 141″ management buck in South Texas.

Father/Son Youth Hunt – Texas Whitetail and Exotics

January, 2012 | Season 2 | Episode 8
Marc’s son Jaken goes on his first hunting trip for South Texas Management Whitetail and then they head over to the Hill Country for some exotic hunting.

 SEASON 1 | 2011

Archery Hunting in Africa

August, 2011 | Season 1 | Episode 1
Marc Warnke and Cory Glauner travel Zimbabwe and South Africa in search of cape buffalo and giraffe with their bows.


Archery Elk Hunting

September, 2011 | Season 1 | Episode 2
A season of bowhunting for elk often comes down to one magical morning. Here’s an elk hunting video telling the story of one of our elk hunts.