VIDEO: Vapor Trailin’ Aoudads

Texas Aoudad hunting is REAL sheep hunting at a price that is within reach of almost every hunter.

This sheep hunting video was taken on a very special free range aoudad hunt on a 22,000 acre ranch in West Texas. Located near Marfa, Texas in the famed Davis Mountains, there are VERY high numbers of good rams on this place, in fact most of the rams we saw were in the 30″ range. Barbary sheep hunting is great way to experience a sheep hunt without drawing a tag or paying a high price. Watch as Mike White, Cory Glauner, and Marc Warnke from Team Outdoors International hunt for these special animals.

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Video Transcript

Cory Glauner- I’m Cory Glauner.

Marc Warnke- And I’m Marc Warnke.

Cory Glauner- Six years ago Marc and I were just a couple of hardcore hunters looking for a way to do what we love for a living. Outdoors International was a manifestation of that dream. As international hunting consultants we have the freedom to hunt the world and call it work, but come September there is no place we’d rather be than in the elk woods.

Marc Warnke- Cory and I believe elk hunting is not necessarily about making the book. It’s more about making the cook book, and enjoying the closeness withGod, friends and family.

Cory Glauner- When we’re of the grid; no cell phones, no computers. We get to loosen up, cuss like sailors and belly laugh like little kids.

Marc Warnke- Would you shut up?

Marc Warnke- Our team is what makes us great. We work together, play together and help support one another’s families. Our “Elk Whisperer” is Justin Sparks. Justin is our gear guy and is a go to member of our team.

Marc Warnke- Now Russ Myer is the toughest guy I know.

Russ Myer- Bunch a bulls down there.

Marc Warnke- Russ is easily the most respected bowhunter in the state of Idaho.

Russ Myer- Hammered him.

Cory Glauner- Oh and by the way, we are fitness junkies, because if we don’t kick our own ass the mountains will.

Marc Warnke- We eat well and we train hard so we can hunt hard year round.

Marc Warnke- Being in top physical condition allows us to go in further than the other hunters and get ourselves in situations like this….

Russ Myer- How freaking cool is that?

Cory Glauner- That was awesome!

Marc Warnke- Now the last member we need to introduce you to is Mike White. Now he’s the reason we were here. He called me all excited one day and said, “Marc we got to go check out this ranch I just heard about. It’s got Aoudad on it. It’s got javelina, and big mule deer. We got to go check it out!” I said, “What’s the big deal about Aoudad?” He said, “Trust me Marc, you’ll see.”

Marc Warnke- When we arrived at the ranch we were very grateful for the shape we were in. It was big steep rugged country.

Marc Warnke- The Aoudad were tough to find.

Marc Warnke- They were like little mole rats in the rocky cliffs.

Marc Warnke- They have to be the busiest animals I have ever hunted. We’d spot them at a mile, sneak in, and they’d feed 2000 yards from where they were before. It literally felt like we had to run them down.

Marc Warnke- As a bonus to this place there we javelina everywhere!

Cory Glauner- The ranch was 3 hours in on a dirt road and 15 miles from the Mexican border. Lucky us, we had to go check it out. We didn’t know what we were in for but we were game for an adventure.

Marc Warnke- Now enough yappin,’ let’s go huntin.’

Marc Warnke- We spotted some Aoudad from the top. So we bailed of down in here, a little out of breath, but we’re just trying to bust butt and beat the light. This next little ridge right over here, we’re going to pop over the top and they should be 300-400 yards beyond this.

Marc Warnke- If I can get em’ with a bow I will. If I gotta shoot em’ with a rifle I will.

Marc Warnke- It’s gunna get dark on us. We’re trying to get up over this edge. I don’t think I’m going to be able to get em’ with a bow. They just keep feeding and feeding and feeding and we can’t catch em.’

Marc Warnke- I’ll tell you what, as a bowhunter, every now and then it’s pretty nice to hear the thunder.

Marc Warnke- What a neat critter.

Marc Warnke- Man, I could easily become an Aoudad addict.

Marc Warnke- Alright, so here’s the thing, I killed that ram. We were pulling it down the mountain. Was tough to get off the top; they are big animals. I fell off the end of this rock, bumped my butt, hit my shin, got back into camp and pulled down my sock after we had hiked out probably two miles and look at my battle wound.

Marc Warnke- That’s bone right there.

Marc Warnke- I’m a tough son of a bitch!

Camera-man- Nice shot!

Marc Warnke- They are tough little buggers.

Marc Warnke- The rat pig.

Marc Warnke- That was cool.

Cory Glauner- He’s dead.

Cory Glauner- Awesome man.

Cory Glauner- He’s a toad.

Marc Warnke- Ya! He’s a freakin’ toad! Wait till you see this! Toad!

Cory Glauner- Wow look at that! Freakin’ awesome!

Marc Warnke- Well I guess Mike was right. What an amazing animal to chase. Aoudads are one of the neatest animals I’ve ever hunted anywhere in the world.

Marc Warnke- The Davis Mountains in West Texas are beautiful, rugged, hardcore, right up our alley. I feel so blessed to have been able to chase these amazing animals.

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