Utah Mountain Goat Hunting

Mountain goat hunting in Utah for trophy mountain goats

There are record book B&C Mountain Goats killed each year in Utah

Utah Mountain Goat Hunting is incredible if you draw a tag. There are record book B&C Mountain Goats killed each year in Utah.

This is usually a fairly easy hunt, but tough to obtain a mountain goat tag, either by drawing or purchasing a tax deductible conservation tag.

Utah recently started a conservation tag program. Conservation tags are 100% tax deductible for the buyer. This conservation money is used on wildlife projects here in Utah. It’s money well spent for wildlife and habitat. These tags allow us to hunt the premium areas without waiting to draw a tag. We can assist you in purchasing these tags and help you apply for the big game drawings.

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Mountain goat hunting in Utah for trophy mountain goats

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“I want to thank you again for a wonderful hunt. I only wish it could have lasted forever. They all come and go so fast. Please keep me on your mailing list and feel free to have someone call me that might be looking for information on hunting with you and your crew.”
John C. Jensen

“I was just looking at the photo’s of our hunt. Just looking at it brings back fond memories of the hunt and the good times I had. If all goes well I will be back to see you soon. My wife, Diane is convinced that she will be coming along this time.”
Sam Gilbert

“I just wanted to thank you for showing my son such a great time. He was really impressed with your passion for hunting, it’s good to know there are people like you in the hunting business today. Once again thank you.”
China Zacchine

“It was a pleasure to meet you after all of these years of hearing about you (it was all good. Can you really walk on water?) and I can fully appreciate why Larry has always enjoyed hunting with you and your helper.”

“I know I said I would send you a million dollars for your help but my accountant ran off with my money while we were hunting and now I barely have the money for my nicotine and caffeine habit. Some day I will come up with a payment of some kind, I just don’t know when.”
Becky Jesse

“I finally got around to getting you photos. Every time I look at these, I can’t help but think of the great time we had. Wade, once again you’re first class!!! I’m looking forward to many more successful hunts in the future.”
David Gerzeny

“I consider the hunt with you one of the most enjoyable I have experienced. For different reasons than you might expect. Just getting away from convention life and into the open spaces was a deliverance, staying in your family home, and getting a feel for your part of the west was a real pleasure.”
Joe Klutsch

“Thanks to you and your family for making my hunting adventure in Utah a wonderful experience. I just talked to hunting buddy about my experience. We will be thinking of a good reason to bring Kalan out to measure his and my trophies.”
Lawrence A. Franks

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