Utah Black Bear Hunting

This is a good Utah bear hunt with hounds

Utah Black Bear Hunting
Most Utah bears are color phase black bear, cinnamon, brown, and some blonde.
This Utah black bear hunting Outfitter has exclusive black bear hunting rights on several hundred thousand acres of private land.

Hound hunting is the most common method used by this Utah black bear hunting Outfitter, and there is a high chance for color phase bears on this hunt.

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Many hunters don’t like the idea of a hound hunt, and admittedly, it isn’t for everybody. But if you think it is going to be “easy” you have another thing coming. If you’d like to experience something different and appreciate watching a well-trained dog do what he was bred to do, you should give hound hunting a try.

Hunting Season
Spring and Fall black bear hunting is available in Utah.

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This Utah black bear hunting Outfitter implements hound hunting for most hunts. Hound hunting is one of most intense, exciting hunts you will ever go on. Some bears won’t climb a tree to escape the pack, so they will just run and fight with the hounds. You haven’t lived until you’ve slipped in on a mad bear bayed up by a pack of well trained hounds.

Trophy Quality
Expect color phase bears when black bear hunting in Utah. Most Utah bears are color phase black bear, cinnamon, brown, and some blonde. They generally square 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 feet and score 18″ to 21″ B&C. Utah black bear hunting can be in the Spring or Fall.

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