Utah Bison Hunts in the Henry Mountains

We can help you get a Utah, Henry Mountain bison tag!

Utah Bison Hunts in the Henry Mountains
The Utah Henry Mountain Bison herd is one of the few truly free range bison hunts qualifying for Boone and Crockett.

The Utah outfitter on this hunt has more than a decade of experience hunting Fair Chase buffalo in the Henry Mountains and has a 100% success rate all those years.

*We can also arrange a bison hunt on a private herd, no license, no season.

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I want to thank you again for a wonderful bison hunt. I only wish it could have lasted forever.” -John C. Jensen

Utah buffalo Hunting in the Henry MountainsThis Utah Henry Mountain bison hunt is usually a very physically demanding hunt, in rough country, a lot of glassing, tracking and long days in the saddle.

“I consider this Utah Henry Mountain bison hunt with you one of the most enjoyable I have experienced. For different reasons than you might expect. Just getting away from convention life and into the open spaces was a deliverance, staying in your family home, and getting a feel for your part of the west was a real pleasure.” Joe Klutsch

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Bison Hunting in Utah's Henry Mountains
Free Range Bison Utah, Henry Mountains
Getting a Utah Bison Tag
There are two methods to getting tags, you can apply for Utah bison hunt draw in January or a tax deductible conservation tag can be purchased at fund raisers. We can assist you on either of these.

Utah recently started a conservation tag program. Conservation tags are 100% tax deductible for the buyer. This conservation money is used on wildlife projects here in Utah. It’s money well spent for wildlife and habitat. These tags allow us to hunt the premium areas without waiting to draw a tag. We can assist you in purchasing these tags and help you apply for the big game drawings.

Utah Henry Mountains MapTravel to Utah’s Henry Mountains
After you book, the outfitter will give you travel direction. Once you arrive, the outfitter will provide all transportation.


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