Unguided Alaska Moose Hunts

A fly-in DIY moose hunt for trophy bulls!

Unguided moose hunts in ALaskaAsk us about this TROPHY unguided Alaska moose hunts.
The price of this DIY hunt will astonish you.

Here’s your chance to take a GIANT Alaska-Yukon moose at a fraction of the price of a guided hunt. Moose densities in this area are considered so high by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, that they are concerned with over population and are allowing hunters to take ANY BULL the entire month of September!

Trophy bulls in 60’s are taken every year and success rates on 50″ – 65″ moose is 75%! If you have been looking for an affordable way to hunt huge Alaska moose, look no further.

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This is a fun moose hunt and a great experience. It can be physically demanding and we recommend you allow yourself 10 full days of hunting to help insure you have an enough time to harvest a quality bull.”

More about DIY Moose Hunting in Alaska

DIY Moose HuntsHunting Method
The hunters who are successful get up before light, eat breakfast, and hunt hard all day. They eat lunch in the field, and return to camp after dark to eat diner. The day should consist of glassing and calling, while paying close attention to the wind direction. These areas are very conducive to calling and we recommend that you buy videos and learn to call before coming. This will go a long way toward the successful outcome of your trip.

Keep in mind, packing a moose is very physically demanding and is not for the weak or physically disabled. Most of the areas are 30% – 50% black spruce with meadows and tundra ponds. Walking on the tundra is far more difficult than walking on flat firm ground.

Moose heads by the hangar
Success Rates and Trophy Quality
The genetics in the area are excellent and so is the food source which makes for a healthy growing moose population. Any bull can be taken in this area of Alaska, however the average moose in his prime will be upper 50″ – mid 60″ range Success rates on the unguided Alaska moose hunts are around 75% with an opportunity rate of 90%-100% depending on the year. These numbers are amazing considering this is a DIY moose hunt.

Combo Opportunities
Hunters can hunt black bear, wolf and wolverine at no additional cost as long as they have purchased the tags before going into the field.

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Fully guided Alaska moose hunts are also available with this outfitter, but they are booked out far in advance. If you are in decent shape, you should really consider a DIY moose hunt. You can’t beat the price on these unguided Alaska moose hunts! Physical condition is the Key…be in good shape.”

Unguided, DIY Moose Hunting Season and License Information

Beau Value with his self guided archery moose
“He is 60″, I shot him with my bow at 25 yards. It was an unreal hunt.” ~Beau Value
Hunting Season
Alaska Fish and Game wants more moose harvested from the area and has liberalized the season to any bull during the entire month of September. This is excellent for our hunters because they can hunt the last two weeks of September when the rutting activities are much higher. This hunt is typically 8 – 12 days, but most hunters tag out and come home early. Early pickups are always dependent on weather and opening in the schedule.

License and Tags
This is an over-the-counter Alaska moose tag.

Fly in moose hunts for Unguided moose hunting in Alaska
Alaska Moose HuntingTravel
Fly Alaska Airlines from Anchorage to Bethel where you will be met by one of the outfitters’ staff. They will help make necessary arrangement from the time you arrive in Bethel until you depart. If you stay overnight in Bethel, the typical lodging expense is around $95 per person per night.

Since this is a fly-in DIY moose hunt, you can either provide all of the gear and food (most hunters ship it up ahead of time), or the outfitter will rent you the equipment you need and sell you the food you will take.

DIY Unguided Alaska Moose Hunts

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Unguided Alaska Moose Hunt

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