Hunting Preparation Will Help You Sleep the Night Before a Big Hunt

I know we have all had trouble sleeping the night before a big hunting trip. It usually plays out like this; after you have done your hunting preparation and everything is packed and ready to go for the morning, and you finally get to bed. Then just as your head hits the pillow you think of something you forgot to pack, and or you keep going through your mental list making sure you don’t for get anything, and or you keep running through your strategy for day one of the hunt. There are a few other scenarios can happen that will keep you awake as well.

Normally when you ask someone how you get relaxed and get good nights sleep you are going to get typical responses. Like avoid eating snacks and before you go to bed, don’t drink caffeine, listen to some nature CD’s (Like listening to nature CD’s is going to relax you it would just make me more excited about my upcoming hunt), or make sure all the lights are off in your room.

My tips for hunting preparation are a bit different because of the situation (you’re hunting not going to work). So with out further or dew here they are:

Make a list of all the stuff you are going to need for your hunt and check it off as you pack it. You are going to want to do this at least three nights before your hunt then you have two full days to think about everything. If you forget something now you can just add it tomorrow instead of having to get out of bed and find what you were missing. Then run back to the bed and try to fall asleep. This is almost impossible after you were just running like a mad man or woman all over the place trying to find your flashlight.

About a week before your hunting trip sit down with a pen and paper and write down all the details of your strategy for the first day of your hunt. After you have everything down read over it as many times as possible. The more familiar you are with your plan the less time you will spend thinking about it the night before.

Ok last but not least take a day or two (if you have time) and actually go through the motions. Get up early in the morning and grab all your stuff and head out into the woods. If you’re deer hunting set up your stand and go sit in it for a couple of hours, or if your turkey hunting go out in the woods and set up you blind , decoys, and sit. If it is not possible for you to go out to the area you are hunting go some where else like your back yard or a park. What ever type of hunting you are doing just go through the motions it will help.

So basically what ever you do, the task here is to take any guessing or thought out of your hunt. You want to do whatever you can to make the whole hunt as routine as possible. This way you can sleep like a baby and get the rest you need to be on top of your game for tomorrows hunt.

by Ben Gustafson



  1. Outdoors International says

    Thanks for the post Ben, I know I have problems with sleep before a big hunt and being prepared helps a lot.

  2. Brian Fletcher says

    Having the right gear makes can make it much easier to sleep before the hunt. has state of the art technology for Hunting Vests by using argon gas to keep you three times warmer than any other type of clothing.

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