Trophy Mountain Goat Hunts in Northwest British Columbia

If you want a true trophy mountain goat, Hunt in the land of Giants!

Trophy Mountain Goat Hunts in Northwest British Columbia
British Columbia’s North coast along the border of Alaska is world renowned for having the highest number of trophy Mountain Goats in North America.

Shad Wheeler trophy mountain goatYou will be hunting in a 10,000 sq mile exclusive guide area in the heart of a trophy Mountain Goat mecca. Record 10″ Billies are the norm on these hunts. This outfitter consistently take goats over 50″.
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If you are looking for true Trophy Class Billies, this is your hunt. You will see a ton of goats and have at least a couple opportunities to harvest a World Class Goat.
~Shad Wheeler

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What to expect on a mountain goat hunt:

Trophy Mountain GoatsHunting Season
This is a 9 day hunt for a Trophy Mountain Goat in NW British Columbia.
Early Season – August through September
Late Season – October through November
Winter Hunts – December through February

Hunting Method
There are a number of options on these hunts as you can opt for an early season fly-in and backpack hunt where you will be flown in to remote alpine lakes and stay in either wall tents with heat or in 2 person pack tents when you spike out into the surrounding areas in search of your trophy. Or, they offer late season hunts where you will be targeting the Billies as they prepare for the rut. This can be a very physical hunt as you will be climbing from the bottom of the mountains up to the goats, usually 1-3 hour climbs.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
If you are worried about the physical aspect of the early or late season hunts, this outfitter has one more trick in his arsenal. His area allows him to run Winter Hunts from December – February when the goats are near the bottom of the mountain and will give hunters with physical limitations an opportunity to still take a trophy goat of a lifetime. You will not see a goat with a better coat of hair than these!

For most of these goat hunts, you will fly in to Terrace, British Columbia. The outfitter will pick you up at the airport.

License and Tags
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On this hunt you may be staying in either a cabin or wall tent depending on the area you are hunting. On the late hunts the outfitter uses a mix of trucks, atv’s and jet boats to get you into the best areas.

Glacier Float Plane Glassing Hiking Tent tent-camp 2 Glassing for goats Glassing Snowshoes

Hunt Reports for this Outfitter:


Custom gear list for hunting in British Columbia

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If you are looking for a Trophy Mountain Goat with an amazing coat, you need look no further than the Winter trophy goat hunt!

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