Arizona Trophy Coues Deer Hunts

Trophy Coues Deer Hunts with a nearly 100% Success Rate!

Arizona coues deer huntingThis outfitter has exceptional trophy quality Coues Deer hunts and boasts very high success, even with his archery clients. If a true trophy Coues Deer is on your bucket list, this is the outfitter to hunt with!

The early season hunts in August and September allow hunters to be very selective. The weather is hot, but by utilizing spot and stalk and ground blinds or treestands over trails, water or mineral blocks, hunters can expect to see between 10 and 20 bucks per day. Success on the early hunts is nearly 100% no matter which weapon you choose. Most bucks taken with rifle score 95 inches or better. Most archery bucks qualify for Pope & Young.

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These coues deer hunts can be as easy or as rugged as you choose. If your plan is to stalk, be in shape, especially if that big boy suddenly appears two miles away in the mountains. Practice uphill and downhill shots if you can. These will be helpful and may payoff big dividends. This outfitter did a great job for me. They hunt hard and are fun to be around. If you want to try for a big Coues Deer, they are up to the challenge.” ~Tim Burres

As with all coues deer hunts, the primary hunting method is glassing. You will set up on a vantage point with good optics and scan the countryside. On average, you will see between four and eight bucks per day. Once you spot a good buck, let the stalk begin!

Coues deerHunting Seasons
The Arizona hunting season is August through the end of the year depending on the tag you draw and/or weapon you use. *see details below

Hunting Method
Glassing / Spot and Stalk / Sitting blinds on trails, water or mineral blocks

Opportunity Rates

Trophy Quality
Trophy quality on these Arizona Coues deer hunts is VERY good. Hunters can expect to see 70-100″ class bucks. Coues deer scoring above 100″ are taken with this outfitter in Arizona every year.

Archery coues double

Arizona Coues Deer Hunting Seasons

Archery Coues Deer Hunts

  • Units: State-wide
  • Seasons: Mid-Aug. through mid-Sep. / Early-Dec. through Jan. 31
  • Archery coues deer hunting tags are Over the Counter (OTC). You will see LOTS of Coues deer on these hunts and the trophy quality is very good.
  • You can expect to see 70-90″ inch bucks with the possibility of 100″+ Coues deer.
  • The highest success rate of these two hunts is the early hunt as the deer are coming into water and salt. However, rattling and calling work very well during the late season rut.

Rifle Coues Deer Hunts

  • Units: 34A, 34B, 35A, 35B, 36A, 36B, 36C
  • Seasons: Late-Oct. / Early-Nov. / Late-Nov. (7 day hunts)
  • Drawing these hunts is easy. If you don’t draw though, you can almost always pick up a leftover tag. You will see LOTS of Coues deer on these hunts and the trophy quality is very good.
  • You can expect to see 70-90″ inch bucks with the possibility of 100″+ Coues deer.

Trophy Rifle Coues Deer Hunts

  • Units: 6A, 21, 22, 23, 24A, 24B, 31, 32, 33, 36A, 36B, 36C
  • Season: Early-Dec. through Dec. 31
  • This hunt is a little tougher to draw, but it’s a great hunt. Expect to see 90-100″ bucks on this hunt, but you might just see something that goes over the magic 110″ mark.

Muzzleloader Coues Deer Hunts

  • Units: 35A, 35B
  • Seasons: Mid-Dec. through Jan. 31
  • The draw odds on this hunt are around 20%. Any antlered Coues Deer OR Mule Deer. High numbers of deer.
  • You can expect to see 70-90″ inch bucks with the possibility of 100″+ Coues deer.

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Coues deer distribution in ArizonaTravel
Once hunters arrive, the outfitter will arrange to pick you up and will provide all transportation for the duration of the hunt and back.


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Wall tent and travel trailers camps and hotels on these Coues deer hunts.

Arizona Trophy Coues Deer Hunts

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