South African Adventure Hunt for Trophy Cape Buffalo

Do you dream of Africa? I know I do! Africa is one of those places that all hunters need to experience at least once in their lives. I have dreamed of hunting trophy cape buffalo in Africa since I was 10 years old and reading Capstick. The adventure, the thrill, the atmosphere and the scenery call out to many of us like a sirens song.

Well I can’t think of a better reason to go to Africa than the pursuit of Black Death. Cape Buffalo are hands down one of the most intimidating and dangerous animals on the planet, and for that very reason one of the most sought after and exciting hunts in Africa. Just imagine yourself in the dry dusty air, searching waterholes for a big ol bull track, when one of the trackers calls out and suddenly the hunt is on. As you close the distance, you are wiping sweat from your brow, when your PH suddenly stops. There he is, the big black dugga boy you have been chasing all day. His stare is cold, his horns are sharp, and you realize that in one mad dash, you can quickly turn from predator to prey.

trophy cape buffalo

46″ trophy cape buffalo

Well here is your chance for the adventure of a lifetime while pursuing a trophy Cape Buffalo that will make you famous. The picture above was just sent to us by one of our good friends and highly respected South African Outfitters. This is what a 46” Cape Buffalo looks like and he is waiting in South Africa for one adventurous hunter to step in the ring and pit his or her skill and determination against his.

No matter where you go in Africa, dugga boys of this size are extremely rare. One of our OI Approved outfitters in South Africa is looking for a special hunter to come chase this monster this year. This will be a true hunting safari experience you are not soon to forget. Contact Russ Meyer at 208-941-2330, or Shad Wheeler 509-679-0225, for more information on this once in a lifetime opportunity.


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