Our Top Whitetail Hunting Outfitters

With hundreds of thousands of deer hunters in the US and Canada today, bagging a trophy whitetail buck requires research, planning and most of all, choosing the right Outfitter. As hunting consultants, that is where we come in. Our job is to find you the type of hunt that you are looking for with a vetted, reliable, quality Outfitter. Before we place you with one of our top whitetail hunting Outfitters, we consider your budget, trophy expectations, location, lodging preferences and even your personality. A veteran trophy hunter who has shot many trophy bucks has different criteria/needs than someone going on his first guided whitetail hunt. We have a list of top whitetail hunting outfitters that are on the “short list”.

Cory Glauner with his South Texas whitetail taken with one of our top whitetail hunting outfitters

How we choose an Outfitter:

  • Quantity and Quality of Deer. No matter how skilled a guide is, if the area he hunts doesn’t have a sufficient buck population with good nutrition and genetics, your results will be disappointing. Certain Outfitters consistently harvest trophy whitetail bucks. It’s our job to find them.
  • RECENT Success and Opportunity Rates. Once we find an Outfitter who holds promise we ask about their past success and opportunity rates. There are many, many guides who’s outfit has gone downhill for one reason or another. Winter kills, predators (an issue in states effected by wolves especially), or sometimes even burnout… Being an Outfitter is a tough job.
  • Recommendations of Past Hunters. One of the best ways to gauge a good Outfitter is to talk to past clients, both successful and unsuccessful. We even ask to talk to a few “disgruntled” clients. No matter how good the operation is, there are bound to be some broken eggs. We like to know what happened and how the situation was handled.
  • We Hunt with the Outfitter Ourselves. Before we are willing to vouch for an Outfitter we have to hunt with them ourselves. We try to hunt within a group of “regular clients” so that we can be assured that we are not getting better than average treatment. Once we return from the hunt we have a meeting and decide if this new Outfitter is someone we would like to work with.
  • Continued Yearly Monitoring. We continue to monitor the success or the Outfitters we work with on a yearly basis. We do this by staying in regular contact with them and interviewing returning clients. There are so many variables in the hunting industry and in life in general that we owe it to our clients to keep our thumb on what is going on with them. The worst thing we can do as a business is to continue to work with a “mediocre” Outfitter. We have high expectations.

A huge 200"+ Illinois Whitetail

Our Top Whitetail Hunting Outfitters (based on trophy quality)

  • Illinois Whitetail Hunts This Outfitter is located West Central ILLINOIS, the heart of trophy whitetail country. “There is no doubt that one of the finest places in the world to hunt trophy whitetails is in ILLINOIS. These guys consistently place our hunters in productive locations for big bucks.” ~ Marc Warnke
  • South Texas Whitetail Hunts This is a high fence hunt which is a deal breaker for many hunters, but having hunted there myself… my mind has been changed. I’m not the vocal opponent of high fence hunting that I once was. This place has so many big deer running around that it is a joy to just be there.
  • North Idaho Whitetail Hunts Idaho whitetail deer hunting on private land during the rut. If you like hunting whitetail deer, you should seriously consider hunting the November rut on this private ranch. “This hunt is a sleeper. It’s like a mule deer hunt for whitetail.” ~ Marc Warnke
  • Kansas Whitetail Hunts Kansas archery Whitetail hunts with potential for some true bruiser archery whitetail. They produced a 266 2/8″ B&C monster whitetail buck in 2006, the new #3 non-typical in the state of Kansas.

I would love to help you find a great whitetail hunt. Remember that our hunting consultation services are free to you and you pay no more than you would by booking directly through the Outfitter. I represent YOU, not the Outfitter. Give me a call at (208) 867-6675.” ~Marc Warnke

138 P&Y Nebraska Whitetail

Our Top Whitetail Hunting Outfitters (based on budget)

  • Nebraska combo Antelope/Whitetail Hunts In addition to antelope hunting, this Outfitter also runs some great whitetail hunts as well, and he is now offering a whitetail antelope combo hunt due to popular demand. He has a 5-year running average of 138” P&Y bucks with some scoring in the mid 150’s every year! Hunt whitetail in the early morning and evening, then hunt antelope over water holes or on alfalfa fields during midday.
  • Nebraska Whitetail Hunts This Nebraska whitetail hunting Outfitter is located in South-Central Nebraska and offers Trophy Whitetail hunts on private farms and ranches.
    “Whether you are hunting whitetails with archery gear, muzzleloaders, rifles or shotguns this Outfitter will customize a fully guided Nebraska whitetail hunting trip for you.” ~ Russ Meyer
  • North Idaho Whitetail Hunts Idaho whitetail deer hunting on private land during the rut. Not only do you stand a good chance of getting a huge deer on this hunt, but it is an unbelievable deal. “This hunt is a sleeper. It’s like a mule deer hunt for whitetail.” ~ Marc Warnke
  • West Texas Whitetail Hunts We don’t have this whitetail hunt listed on the site yet…. but it’s a good one and it is affordable. Ask us about it.

What you want to remember is that the formula for successful whitetail deer hunting involves several ingredients besides just picking a good Outfitter. Those hunters that typically have good hunting experiences all have three things in common: they spend considerable amounts of time in the stand; they capitalize on opportunities; and they have reasonable expectations.

by Cory Glauner



    1. Cory Glauner says

      I did that South Texas hunt in January. It was AWESOME. I just did a management hunt and still shot a 140" buck. TONS of fun.

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