This Ain’t No Bullwinkle… Check Out This Kamchatka Moose

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Drool away folks… This trophy bull Chukotka Kamchatka moose was taken by Jay Link on December 2001.

What an absolute monster! It makes me all warm and fuzzy just looking at him. Taken on the Kamchatka peninsula, this moose scores 554 3/8 points SCI which is near the top for the Chukotka moose subspecies. Jay Link warns that hunters must be in excellent condition as he got the bull about 20 miles from camp, and it took three days to pack him out with his guide.

New potential world record moose

New potential world record moose taken in Kamchatka

Chukotka Kamchatka moose

Kamchatka moose taken by Jay Link

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