The North American Grand Slam of Sheep

bighorn sheep

In the hunting world, the term “Grand Slam” refers to harvesting all subspecies within a species.

A highly sought after and prized grand slam is the North American Grand Slam of Sheep, comprised of four distinct subspecies.

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Most sheep hunters start their grand slam with a Rocky Mountain bighorn sheepThe Rocky Mountain Bighorn is the largest of North America’s Grand Slam sheep species, both in the size of it’s body and it’s impressive horns. Rocky Mountain bighorns have a range that stretches from British Columbia to New Mexico.

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Dall Sheep

The dall sheep is typically the least expensive to huntDall sheep live in the high-country along ridges and alpine meadows in Alaska, British Columbia, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. With white coats the rams are easy to glass as they stand out against the rocky terrain.

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Desert Bighorn Sheep

Desert bighorn sheep tags can be very difficult or expensive to obtainThe Desert Bighorn Sheep is the smallest of North America’s sheep, but it’s often the largest obstacle to completing the Grand Slam. Terrible odds make it nearly impossible to draw a tag, but, fortunately, you can buy a tag in Mexico.

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Stone Sheep

Stone sheep hunts can be very expensiveStone’s sheep, which are found in Canada’s British Columbia, Yukon and Northwest Territories, as well as Alaska, are usually dark gray to black, with white markings on the rump and along the back of their legs and underside.

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