Texas Free Range Aoudad Hunting

260,000+ acres of private land, free ranging Aoudad Sheep hunting

Texas Free Range Aoudad HuntingWest Texas offers the best free range Aoudad hunting in the lower 48. With some of the largest free range Aoudad Sheep in Texas, this Outfitter is one of the best.

Our clients average 30″ rams with nearly 100% success rates. One of the most underrated hunts in North America at a fraction of the cost of any other sheep hunt anywhere in the world.
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Texas Free Range Aoudad Hunting

These Texas free ranging aoudad hunts could be the best sheep hunting value in the world. We have had countless clients who have taken the grand slam of North American sheep and have commented that this Aoudad Sheep Hunting trip rivals the best of them. Free ranging mountain Aoudad Sheep hunting is within grasp of most clients’ budget, yet giving the gratification of most other regional or international sheep hunts offered in today’s hunting environment.”

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Texas Free Range Aoudad Hunting

Texas Free Range Aoudad HuntingTexas Aoudad Hunting Season
Aoudad hunts take place from September through April.

Hunting Method
You will drive or hike to vantage points to glass for sheep. Once a good aoudad is spotted, the hunt is 100% spot and stalk. Return for breakfast, lunch, then go out for an evening hunt.

You will be hunting 260,000+ acres of private land utilized exclusively for free ranging Aoudad Sheep hunting in Texas on six different ranches in Presidio, Jeff Davis, and Brewster counties in West Texas. Without exception, this is some of the most premier free-ranging Aoudad Sheep habitat in Texas consisting of extremely rugged mountain country consistent with the native Barbary sheep habitat found in Northern Africa.


Abundant game correlated with spectacular scenery and great camaraderie made my aoudad sheep hunt more than memorable. Thanks again.” —Guy Eastman (Editor, Eastman’s Hunting Journal)

Trophy Quality
Our clients average 30″ rams with nearly 100% success rates. 

Combo Up!
If you would like to make your aoudad hunt a combo hunt, Carmen Mountain Whitetail Deer and Javelina may be taken on a trophy fee basis.

Hunters arriving by commercial air service will fly into El Paso or Midland, Texas depending on their sheep hunting location and drive to camp (2-4 hr drive).

Because of the many hunting leases they operate from, lodging and camps vary from one property to the next. Some are nice lodges with all amenities, some are basic ranch houses and some locations are motels depending on the hunt. All are well suited for hunters, and for large corporate groups or a father-son getaway.

Amenities include full kitchens and baths, linens, towels, private bedrooms, central heat and air, satellite television, washer, dryer and porches with seating areas.


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