Texas Exotic Hunting

Texas Exotic Hunting on 16,000 acres or 26 square miles of free range Texas Hill Country.

Scimitar Oryx HuntingSeventeen species of exotic game, wild Russian boar hogs, whitetail deer and Rio Grande turkey.

With 19 bedrooms, this 28,000 square foot Hacienda style mansion located just West of San Antonio is among the most prestigious hunting ranches in Texas.

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Fair Chase Texas Exotic Hunting:
Afghan Urial HuntsExotic hunting in Texas allows you to brush up on your hunting skills during the off season. Most hunts are 4 day 3 night packages. These packages are total price packages that includes all meals; lodging and transportation to and from blinds or lake. Exotic hunting packages include unlimited hogs and all the fishing you want to do.

In addition to set packages, trophy hunting for a specific species can be set up as 5 day hunts with 1×1 guide and drop camp. The cost varies per species.

If you enjoy fishing, this ranch offers some of the best Bass fishing in Texas. 8 to 10 lb. Black bass are a legitimate resource which are available in a mile long, spring fed lake. This private lake is up to 50-55 feet deep in some places and still holds a lake record of 12 lbs. caught on a spinner bait.

Corporate Conferences, Seminars and Retreats:

This Texas Exotic Hunting Ranch will partner with you to offer unique Ranch-Based Seminars and Retreats. Whether your company or organization is looking to have a one day or a multiple day event, they can provide you with an excellent learning environment, and activities. i.e. hunting, skeet shooting, fishing, trail riding, plus great food for every meal.

They offer many different events, seminars, retreat and customized packages, that will be specialize by your organizations needs. Including: relationship building, communication skills, leadership enhancement, team building, life balance and many more. They are able to tailor your corporate seminar or retreat around your specific needs and will create the package that is right for you.

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Facilities and Accommodations:
Accommodations are in a 28,000 Square Foot Hacienda Style Mansion. Bunk style rooms are numerous; however private rooms are available on request. They can accommodate up to 20-30 hunters at a time with a total of 50-55 people being the maximum at one given time. Singles or groups of hunters are welcome as well as Corporate groups.

The savory food and the variety of Exotic game dishes will be a palatable experience never forgotten. All of the meat is taken off of the Ranch. They serve 3 meals a day with snacks available at all times. If you go away hungry it is your choice.

Available Game:

Whitetail Deer; Axis Deer; Sika Deer; Fallow Deer; Black Buck Antelope; Aoudad Sheep; Ibex Cross; Barbados Ram; Texas Dall Ram; Catalina Goat; Corsican Ram; Mouflan Ram; Black Hawaiian Ram; Russian Boar Hog.

Axis Deer HuntingAxis Deer Hunting

Axis deer are one of the most beautiful deer in the world. Chestnut brown with white spots and a large white throat patch. Axis bucks grow long antlers with three points per side. A large axis weighs 250 lbs and Axis deer grow antlers year round, but most Axis bucks have hard antlers in the summer.

Texas exotic hunting for Sika deerSika Deer Hunting

The Sika Deer, Cervus nippon, also known as the Spotted Deer or the Japanese Deer, is a species of deer native to much of East Asia, which is also introduced to various other parts of the world. It was previously found from Vietnam to the south and Russia to the north. Their name comes from shika (鹿?), the Japanese word for “deer”.

Fallow deer exotic hunting in TexasFallow Deer Hunting

Fallow deer can be white, spotted, or chocolate with hard antlers with flat palmations similar to moose. Like whitetail deer, the antlers are shed in the spring. A large fallow deer buck will weigh 200 lbs. The fallow bucks are gorgeous with great antlers.

Blackbuck Antelope Hunting

Mature blackbuck males are black and white in color with some brown on the back of the neck and also on the spine close to the tail. Blackbuck horns, found only on males, corkscrew up and back. A large male blackbuck will weigh 100 lbs.

Auodad hunts in TexasAoudad Hunting

The Aoudad are tan with a beard and chaps on the front legs with horns that grow out and back over their necks. A trophy auodad male will weigh about 250 lbs. The aoudad is the wildest and most elusive of all the exotic species.

Texas exotic hunting for Ibex crossIbex Cross Hunting

American Ibex are a species of wild mountain goat that lives in rocky, steep, and generally and areas of Mongolia and Central Asia. Males grow large, slightly curved horns that can exceed 60 centimeters in length in older animals. Special hooves make them excellent climbers that can frequent extremely precipitous cliff areas. Ibex have a dark brown coat with a distinctive “beard” and silvery back. They feed on grasses, shrubs, and lichen.

Texas exotic hunting for Barbados ramBarbados Hunting

The Barbados Sheep is an indigenous breed to Barbados. It descends from sheep brought to the islands from West Africa during the slave era. Barbados rams are “antelope like” in appearance, brown tan or yellow in color, with black points and under-parts.

Texas dall sheep huntingTexas Dall Ram Hunting

The striking Texas Dall sheep is completely white or golden. Texas Dall horns grow up, out, down, forward, up, and out. A large Texas Dall male will weigh 140 lbs. The Texas Dall sheep is a hybrid sheep that was originated in Texas. They look similar to an Alaskan Dall sheep.

Texas exotic hunting for Catalina goatsCatalina Goat Hunting

This Spanish goat will be black, brown, reddish brown, or white on most animals, however other colors are not uncommon. The males have horns that grow up and back from the head in large twists. Large male can weigh up to 175 pounds with the female weighing 80 pounds. The Angora or New Zealand goats are classified as Catalina Goats also. The horns can grow very wide making very impressive horn mounts. The Catalina Goat is one of the most frequently hunted exotics.

Texas exotic hunting for Corsican ramCorsican Ram Hunting

While many Corsican sheep were bred into Texas Dalls or Black Hawaiians, there are still many varieties that are worthy of mounting and they are probably the most hunted of all exotics in the United States. The Corsican Ram is a hybrid sheep is usually brown in color with horns that can vary from a curl to a spiral.

Hunt pure mouflan sheep in TexasMouflan Ram Hunting

The pure mouflan has black hair on its face and neck, brown sides and white bellies. In the fall, mouflans can have a white saddle patch. The Mouflon has been transplanted throughout Europe and are considered the most handsome of all the wild sheep.

Hunt exotic Hawaiian Black Rams in TexasHawaiian Black Ram Hunting

Hawaiian Black Rams are usually black with a white muzzle and can weigh 140 lbs with impressive horns. Sailors put these exotic sheep off in the Hawaiian Islands so they could have fresh meat when they returned.

Texas exotic hunting for Russian boarRussian Boar Hog Hunting

The Russian boar is the wild ancestor of the domestic pig, an animal with which it freely hybridises. Wild boar are native across much of Northern and Central Europe, the Mediterranean Region (including North Africa’s Atlas Mountains) and much of Asia as far south as Indonesia. Populations have also been artificially introduced in some parts of the world, most notably the Americas and Australia; principally for hunting.

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