Texas “Super Exotic” Hunts

This is a great ranch for Exotics, African “Super Exotics” and Bison hunts in Texas.

African Super Exotic Hunts in TexasHunting super exotics in Texas gives hunters the chance to harvest
International exotic species without the hassles of traveling.

This Texas hunting ranch has five miles of river bottom, 14 miles of creek bottoms and 28 miles of perimeter. It is a 10 mile drive across the ranch by the shortest route. The exotic game is mainly African species as the terrain and climate is very similar to Africa.

If you are looking to hunt here in the states and chase African game, look no further, this place is unbelievable.

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We have introduced the best genetics to produce the highest quality trophies in all of our exotic species. We have no doubt you will love hunting this Ranch as much as we do.”

Texas sable huntingThe hunting season for these Texas exotic hunts is year-round. Exotic hunts are a great way to extend your season or fill in the “gaps”.

Exotic Species Available:
These Texas exotic hunts are mainly for African “Super Exotics” but there are exotic species from around the globe. They include: waterbuck; mouflon ram; nyala; Dama gazelle; Nubian ibex; Iranian red sheep; gemsbok; impala; sable; kudu; Grants zebra; scimitar horned oryx; white-bearded wildebeest; eland; bongo; black Hawaiian ram; Corsican ram; Texas dall ram; nilgai; sititunga; Alpine ibex; bison; four horn sheep; Dybowski sika; blesbok; markhor; audad; axis deer; blackbuck and fallow deer.

Nubian Ibex hunts in TexasTrophy quality on this hunt is second to none with “pure” species. This is one of the only exotic ranches in the country with pure Alpine Ibex, Marchor and Nubian Ibex.

This part of Texas is well suited for African species, and this ranch is home to some of the largest herds of African wildlife outside of Africa.

Bongo hunts in TexasKudu bulls over 50 inches are the norm with some being as large as 57 inches! Big sable up to 45 inches are also available in small quantities each year.

If you are Bongo hunting, you may be hunting the same way you would in C.A.R., from “hides” at night. The wildlife is truly wild and virtually unencumbered by fences. It will feel as if you are overlooking the Limpopo River as Kudu and Sable sneak in for a drink of water before dark, and the flat plains are filled with herds of Gemsbok, Wildebeast and Zebra grazing just as if you were in Namibia.

The hunting rivals the best hunting we have seen in Southern Africa.” -Dick Cabela

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Map of TexasTravel to Texas.
Most hunters fly to Austin where they will either rent a car to travel from the ranch or arrange pick-up from the Outfitter.

The ranch also has a private airport with a 5,200 x 75 foot wide runway designed for aircraft up to heavy jets. The airport includes a hanger and 2 hanger houses for pilots.

Hunt african animals in Texas
This Texas outfitter offers two lodges, the “River Lodge” and the “Hunters Lodge”.

The Hunters Lodge is where most hunters will stay on these Texas exotic hunts has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, sleeps 10 hunters, and is great for corporate hunts. Three indoor fireplaces and an outdoor fire pit create a classic Texas hunting lodge atmosphere.

The River Lodge is 9,000 square feet with a covered veranda and outside dining area overlooking the river. This lodge is used as the outfitter’s trophy room and features trophy game taken from all over the world. The house has an open floor plan, with a great room with 40 foot ceilings. The master suite, kitchen, and dining room are on the first floor, and six bedrooms overlook the great room from the second floor. Each bedrooms has an individual private bathroom.

*The River Lodge is available on a limited basis.

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