Texas Deer Hunting Lodge – Whitetail / Hog Combo Hunt

Texas deer and hog hunting packages available for all budgets

Watch Marc Warnke and his son Jaken as they hunt deer and hogs on this ranch.

A full service Texas deer hunting lodge managed for trophy deer hunting on 14,000+ acres in north-central Texas.

This Texas deer hunting outfitter has been featured on the Sportsmens Channel, Savage Outdoors, and was the home of the 2012 Clay County Turkeyfest Outdoors. This is our top pick of Texas free range hunts to place our clients on. This hunt has it all!
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Texas deer hunting hog hunting-combo-hunt

Our operation is located on my families ranch that is located in north Texas along the Red River. This area is well known for the abundance of trophies, not only whitetail deer, but also wild hogs and Rio Grande Turkey.

Three years ago I decided to take advantage of the God given natural resources and open one of our beautiful ranch houses up for business as a Texas deer hunting lodge.” ~The Outfitter

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Texas deer hunting

All deer hunts are offered as combo hunts with unlimited hogs. All weapon types are welcomed and there are shooting ranges to ensure they are still sighted in.

Texas deer huntingHunting Season
Whitetail: October 1 – March 31 (weapon of choice)
Hogs: year-round (weapon of choice)

Hunting Method
A typical day will start with breakfast at 4:30am, and generally leaving for field around 5:15am. Travel to stands in UTV with your guide where he will drop you off. You will be picked up and return to lodge for lunch at noon then back to field around 2:30pm. Return to lodge after dark or after locating downed game. Within the 14,000 acres you have varied terrain to hunt on with no interruption from neighbors, public or BLM land. Hunting methods used are spot-and-stalk; hunting over feeders; ground blinds over food plots; and rattling.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
The ranch is under a state certified management program that produces large trophies and wonderful opportunities for meat hunters all using our tags for harvested game and saving yours issued tags for other harvest opportunities. Success rates on deer are near 90%. As far as trophy quality, 130″ bucks are seen on a regular basis. 140-170″ bucks have been harvested and are considered trophies. There are near 200″ deer on the ranch but they are rarely seen.

Our Whitetail-Hog Combo is our most popular package. It is a package that allows you to hunt the entire duration of your trip. We have a variety of stand types from box blinds, tree stands, pop up blinds and ghost blinds. There are over 20 feeders running on the ranch and many acres of wheat fields.

Many of our clients harvest their trophies early in the trip and most outfitters have nothing else for them to do. We take you back to the stands in search of a whitetail doe and a trophy wild boar or meat hogs. We do not have a limit on our wild hogs, so you can hunt them to your hearts content.

Deer hunting in Byers TexasTravel
Most hunters fly into Dallas (DFW) as they are usually the most conservatively priced. The outfitter does offer a shuttle for $50 per trip/per vehicle travel to and from airport.

Climate and Weather
The weather in North Texas is very unpredictable. It can be 70 degrees one day, and snowing in 20’s the next. Be prepared.

Guiding is one-on-one, but much of the hunting is done from a stand where your guide will drop you off and pick you up.

Over the Counter

River Bluff Lodge
We strive and succeed in offering the finest in game, food and hospitality. The lodge is “just an old ranch house,” but it is nice.



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