West Texas Aoudad Hunt

Free Range Aoudad Hunting in the Davis Mountains of West Texas.

West Texas Aoudad huntingAoudad (also known as Barbary Sheep) hunting is REAL sheep hunting at a price that is within reach of almost every hunter.

This is a very special aoudad hunt on a 22,000 acre ranch with VERY high numbers of good rams on this place, in fact most of the rams we saw were in the 30″ range. Barbary sheep (aoudad) hunting is great way to experience a sheep hunt without drawing a tag or paying a high price.

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You can aoudad hunt on this ranch November through February.
Free Range Aoudad hunting in West TexasThe density of free-range aoudad on the Ranch is pretty incredible. This ranch offers some of the best fair chase hunts in the U.S.

Experienced guides will lead clients on a true “sheep hunt”. These animals are hunted in a manner consistent with hunting Rocky Mountain or Desert Bighorn.

Patience is a virtue, as long periods of glassing is required to spot sheep that blend in amazingly well with their surroundings. Guides will spend as much time as necessary locating a mature ram. Once a good ram is spotted, it requires a successful, well planned stalk to get within shooting range. While archery hunting is possible, and we did get within bow range of a few sheep bowhunting for aoudad is tough.

You will be faced with situation to either shoot long distance, or a long stalk to shorten the distance. The problem with the second option is if you lose sight of your ram while trying to get closer, he may have naturally moved off as they move often.

Watch Marc and Cory from the gotHUNTS Team Hunt Aoudads on this W. Texas Ranch


Success rates and trophy quality are off the hook!
This is a new hunt on a ranch that hasn’t been seriously hunted (for aoudad) for almost 20 years. When we hunted it we saw hundreds of sheep. Some were singles, some were in small bands and some were in herds of 50 or more. Many of the rams we saw were in the 30″ range.

Guides will assist clients in search of rams 26” or larger, with a preference on rams 28” or longer. Multiple 30”+ rams are harvested off of the property every year

Marc Warnke auodad

Even though we weren’t trophy hunting, we shot three rams in four days. They measured 32 3/4″, 31 1/2″, and 29 1/4″! I don’t know anywhere that you can beat that kind of success.” ~MARC WARNKE

Listen to Marc interview the Outfitter on a podcast:

MORE INFORMATION: (208) 867-6675

Combo Opportunities on this Ranch:
During the deer season you can combo up with a Desert mule deer… and there are some big ones roaming the ranch. Javelina are everywhere, and for a small trophy fee each you can add one to your hunt.

Fly to El Paso or Midland Texas, then rent a pick up truck and drive to Marfa 3.5 hour drive from either. From Marfa it is a 52 mile drive on dirt road, must have a pick up truck to handle the rough road. Directions will be provided for those driving.

Cory Glauner with his 32 inch aoudad ram
Texas aoudad hunting was everything I expected it to be. Challenging. Fun. Action Packed. Can’t wait to do it again!” ~CORY GLAUNER

The Ranch features a main residence occupied by the ranch managers, as well as a bunk house for hunters and explorers. The bunk house includes sleeping accommodations for up to twelve and provides individual sleeping rooms in addition to a dorm-style sleeping area, den, sitting area, in-house kitchen and plenty of atmosphere. Hunters will be situated comfortably in the bunk house for the duration of the hunt.

Additional facilities include a cool room, ice maker and meat cutting room for proper care and storage of meat. A spacious outdoor patio complete with a fire pit and ample seating lie adjacent to horse corrals, a feed shed, and tack room.

Meals can be cooked over the fire and served on the outside patio weather permitting. Our in-house cook who produces the best ranch-style meals in the Southwest. Sit back and enjoy these meals prepared with fresh meats and produce. The Ranch is BYOB, so please feel free to bring your favorite adult beverages along with you.

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Field Photos:

We had great success on our Barbary sheep hunting trip, as we all took great Aoudads from the very first hour of hunting to the last day. This can be an easy hunt with some good luck on your side, or you may have to earn your trophy by wearing out some boot leather.” ~MIKE WHITE

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