Testimonials From Our Clients

I have booked several hunting trips with Outdoors International. I have been fortunate to have worked with Russ Meyer on all of the hunts and his expertise and professionalism is incredible. I will continue to work with Russ and Outdoors International for years to come. ~Clark Small

I wanted to take a minute of your time and send a note of thanks. As the Owner/Operator of Ram Aviation and Air Juneau, Inc. based Kenai, Alaska, all too often we go through our daily lives and work with a core group of people who tend to make business "just a little easier" and don't send recognition for the work they do. In the time I have been running our hunting/transporter businesses, I have dealt with many different booking agents, none of which have been as easy to work with both from our perspective, but from our Hunters as well. The professionalism and knowledge of the business exudes confidence in the hunters we provide services to - ensuring they are prepared for a hunt that may be the toughest they will experience.

There are not many people I am confident enough in that I provide our Booking Agents to make "customized" choices for our hunters, but without a doubt, Outdoors International has lived up to that ability. Having the attention to detail that you bring to ensures our hunters are aware of what kind of hunt they are purchasing.

Having an industry which is littered with "mediocre" brokers, it is refreshing to have solidified a great working relationship with those at Outdoors International, with special thanks to Russ Meyer ... he's top notch in the business!!

Looking forward to continued success with the Crew of OI!!

Many Thanks,
Sheila Spisak

My name is Chris Cantler and I have been working with OI for about four years. I have booked three hunts through OI. My first hunt (Mtn. Lion) was weathered out twice. Marc Warnke and the outfitter kept in contact and we have booked another hunt for 2017. My second hunt was a bucket list hunt with my brother (he had cancer and passed away this Feb.). Some of our last conversations were remembering that hunt! I will forever cherish those great memories! We booked a wilderness Mule Deer hunt in Idaho. That trip was everything and more that Marc had described! The third hunt booked is a Mule Deer archery hunt with my nephew in 2016. We can hardly wait to get on this one!

Marc and the staff have have been awesome from start to finish. Very upfront on what we can expect and what they expect of us for the best possible outcome. I was very impressed on the communication that they keep with the client and outfitters. No surprises when we arrived at our destination! They also work with whatever budget you may have. I explained that I am not a wealthy man and gave Marc a ballpark number that I was comfortable with. With no BS he told me record book quality would be tough on my budget. That's not a big concern of mine but I sure did appreciate him not telling me that I was going to be taking a record book animal with any outfitter he paired me with. You always know what to expect from the hunts you book through OI!

I do recommend OI to every hunter that I come in contact with. Even if they don't have a hunt in mind I tell them to check these guys out. Great respect for the staff! I have been very happy with them and will continue to use them for every trip I plan!

Chris Cantler

I first used Outdoors International to book a hunt in the fall of 2012 and continue to use them today. My first experience far exceeded my expectations and throughout our relationship they have become true friends, not just a booking service. They answer when I call, we have hunted together, and they have even gone as far as to invite me into their home when I was traveling through. Their outfitters are top notch, their knowledge is superior to others, and their love and respect for the outdoors is what sets them apart from the rest. If there is ever a concern about something, I can walk away from the conversation knowing they have been honest in their answers and they have guided me in the direction that bests fits my needs.

Thanks again for all you all have done! Keep on keeping on!
Kyle Hawkins

Marc and his organization has set myself and hunting partners up on a few different hunts in the last few years. He has always been able to fulfill what we are looking for on the dates, the species, the gear and top outfitters that are available through his organization. As an individual speaking, I am always looking for different species to chase after outside of what Idaho has to offer. Marc is always sending and offering different open availabilities that are readily available. They thrive to keep their customer base loaded with information on gear and hunts. I have personally set with Marc at his office and gone through valuable information to make my own descisions on what and when for hours on end and always excited and eager for our next visit. I have also hunted with Marc and his associates outside of business, and am willing to say that they are a first class organization in the field and off of the field. I would highly recommend them to the entire hunting world and gear industry for any persons needs!

Thank you,
Jon Roth

In the world of outdoor hunting adventures we all know that there are many “agents” that just don’t deliver anything other than a rip off nightmare scenario. My first booked hunt in Montana in 1974 turned out to be just that.

Over the decades I have learned through experience and since 2010 have had the pleasure of working with Marc Warnke as my booking agent. Marc has the highest integrity and is completely knowledgable about all the hunts he offers. I do not expect to harvest an animal every time I go hunting. It’s hunting not shopping. I do expect to have no surprises with regards to a hunts description when I arrive. That means terrain, accommodations, and all aspects of the hunt to be as described. Marc has never steered me wrong. Not only does he listen to what I am interested in hunting but he has sage advice to connect me with an outfitter that will provide an experience that I am looking to achieve. He is connected with a wide variety of outfitters offering many options that fit the bill and is not a one trick pony. Additionally, Marc has always followed up with me for a post hunt debriefing to make sure that all went well and to continue quality control of what he offers. I have nothing but the highest respect for Marc and have complete confidence in him and his company.

I cannot recommend him highly enough and for the rest of my hunting days he is the only agent that I will use.
Louis DiGiovanni, MD

Living and working in Ukraine for the past 16 years, I was having difficulties planning and organizing my increasing appetite to hunt around the world. Finding the right outfitters in the right places, who also match your personality and hunting style, is nearly impossible if you have a full-time job like the most of us. This is why I searched the Internet to see if there was such a thing as a hunting consultant - and this is how I came across Outdoors International. Having someone take the time to learn what types of hunting experiences I am interested in and who who can suggest hunting ideas that I have never even considered or heard of before has completely revolutionized my hunting life. Moreover, having a person who can tell you what gear and equipment is best suited for a particular hunt or hunting style has also saved me time and money. Everything that Outdoors International has recommended to me, from hunts to outfitters to gear choices, has been 100% spot-on. I can't imagine doing it any other way.

Brian Best

I have a strong passion for hunting and enjoy seeing new country. I live in Va so I don't know who to talk to or trust when I want to go out west on a trip. I also have a busy schedule and not a lot of time to research guides and land to hunt on. That's wear Outdoor Internationals hunting consultant's come into play. This is my fourth year booking with Marc Warnke and I can say every trip has been a great time.I have told Marc what kind of hunt I would like and he would give me a couple of choice's . He knows the right outfitters and seems to only recommend the best. I trust what he tells me and that is a big relief for me not to stress out over. Thanks again Marc and looking forward to many more awesome trips.

Keith Uhl

I met Russ about a year ago through Outdoor International. I’ve gone on 4 hunts set up through Russ and each and every one was just great. The accommodations were great, the food was super and best of all plenty of game. The fact I booked 4 hunts shows that I was very satisfied. I think highly of Russ, he is the most accomplished hunter and woodsman that I’ve ever met as well as a good Christian family man. I was successful on 3 of the 4 hunts and if the weather had cooperated no doubt I would have taken my animal on all the hunts. Russ is a true professional and would make a great addition to your organization.

Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have.
John Palmer
623 546 3593

Russ Meyer booked me a pig hunt in California. I had a great time saw lots of animals. I missed a trophy boar. The following day I took a great boar with my bow.

Thanks Russ Meyer!...Bob Morgan

Dear Russ, I have had 110% satisfaction using your Consultant Service. When one flies to British Columbia for the first time, he or she experiences an instant realization that it is an awful lot alike Alaska! When I was picked up at the Airport at Prince George by Primitive Outfitter’s Guide, Gary, I was instantly welcomed as well as looked over. I liked that , allot! After an hour and a half drive that seemed like a half hour, I was rewarded by RR tracks and Hill Country living at it’s finest. A rustic Farm house and fields of green, and even the Rocky Mountains for a back drop in all of the fields that we glassed there. Grizzlies sighted every day and at least a half dozen Blackies too. I could not help but think that I was in “Bear Heaven”, at last! I waited for the right Black Bear and even though it took five days , he was a beauty, 6’ 9”, with a really good noggin. That was my 62nd B’day, and those wonderful folks even bought me a cake and a fifth of CC Whiskey too! Best Birthday that I have had since my 21st! If anyone has the desire and mettle to wait and be patient for a good Blackie or Grizz, you will have found a great HOME here at Primitive Outfitters! I could go on and on, but please believe me when I tell you that I have never had a good night;s sleep for many years, until I laid my head on a the bed at this warm mountain home. Five stars Russ, and it did not take me long to feel as though I was part of a very unique family! I hold all memories of this trip sacred and I am so grateful for you ringing me up to see if I would be interested. I would be most proud to highly recommend this outfit and I will be booking with them as well as you in the very near future. I cannot tout any outfitter, better than this one! Feel free to use me for a reference.

Best, Rick

I have booked several hunting trips with Outdoors International. I have been fortunate to have worked with Russ Meyer on all of the hunts and his expertise and professionalism is incredible. I will continue to work with Russ and Outdoors International for years to come.

Clark Small

Illinois archery deer huntingThanks to Russ Meyer with Outdoor International for sending me to a great place full of great people that treat you like family and also some top of the line Illinois deer hunting. I would recommend /southern-illinois-trophy-whitetail/ to any one. The owner is a real guy we became great friends after the first trip out. I'll be hunting with him every year from now on. And when I ever want to go on any kind of hunt I'll be calling Russ up with OI he can hook you up with any thing just tell him what kind of hunt your looking for and he'll find if for you at a great price. This guy is a true hunter and won't send you any where's he wouldn't go him self.

Dealing with Shad Wheeler is a pleasure. He is a highly experienced hunter and knows what he is talking about when recommending quality hunts. Shad is straightforward and very responsive to his client’s requests. It’s nice to have someone you can trust and easily relate to when discussing/planning your next adventure.

Wayne Swann

Working with Shad Wheeler of Outdoors International to book a trophy mule deer hunt has been nothing short of everything you'd hope the process would be. From my email inquiry to our first conversation was less than a day - not weeks - a day! In the first few minutes of our initial conversation you can tell you are talking to a guy that hunts hard and not a phone jockey selling hunts. Any and ALL QUESTIONS were responded to within hours by Shad personally and he did this while accommodating my schedule. In a word - OUTSTANDING. I will be booking more hunts through Shad, did somebody say 350"+ Elk???

Dan Raspotnik

Thanks for confirming you received the payment for my Elk hunt.

I’ve looked at a bunch of Elk hunt options to the point of confusion, until we got in touch. Your help with the draw was great, but mostly I appreciate your explaining the many options you have available. Your advice on the terrain, altitude, camp conditions, etc. of the different options really helped in choosing a hunt that is right for me (especially the tip about popping over to the next state for Mule Deer if I tag out early).

Hope to be able to meet you in person when I am out west!
Many thanks for all your help.
Jimmy Cranford