Hunt Report: Team OI Texas Aoudad Hunting

Marc Warnke, Mike White, Cory Glauner and OI client Tom Skelly had a blast Texas Aoudad Hunting on a 25,000 acre ranch in the Davis Mountains of West Texas.

They went four-for-four in four days of action packed Texas aoudad hunting (with a few Javelina thrown in)!

Day One of Texas Aoudad Hunting

Cory started the action on the first morning with a great 31 1/2″ ram.
Just a little more than an hour into the hunt, Cory took a great ram after a short stalk with little cover and a 325 yard shot. Hit well, the ram ran about 40 yards and went down. What a way to start the hunt!

Texas aoudad hunting was everything I expected it to be. Challenging. Fun. Action Packed. Can’t wait to do it again!”
~Cory Glauner

Scenery Sunset
Up early to a beautiful Texas sunrise.

Cory Ram Before shot
There were three rams in the group. Two good ones and Cory’s BIG ram.
This pic was taken just before the shot. If you click on it, you will see the rams.

Cory Ram Tenzing Kryptek
Never take for granted what we are able to do as hunters. What a great experience.

Cory Ram Skinning
Aoudad are big… a big ram weighs around 300 pounds.

Day Two of Texas Aoudad Hunting

Day two was Marc’s day to shine with this 29 1/4″ ram… but it was painful.
Cory and Marc hunted together and didn’t see a thing for most of the day… but just before dark they spotted three aoudads feeding with one good ram in the group. Unable to close the distance to bow range before dark, Marc decided to change the bow for the rifle and made a great 300 yard shot. Packing the ram out, Marc tripped off of a boulder and cut his shin. Down to the bone… ouch!

As a bowhunter, I must admit that it felt pretty good to lay down the Thunder with the rifle. It’s been a long time.”
~Marc Warnke

Day Two Continued…

On day two, Marc and Cory came across a group of javelina.
Marc made a few good shots in the wind on this guy (their vitals are tiny… aim small, miss small).

After Marc shot his pig, Cory grabbed his bow and shot one too… kinda handy being able to shoot each others bows.

Cory Baby Javelinas
While they were taking pictures, Cory was able to catch these two baby javelina. They were feisty little buggers… and cute. They took a few pics of them and turned them loose.

Day Three of Texas Aoudad Hunting

Day three was all about OI client Tom Skelly.
After missing a shot at a good ram earlier, he decided to take this management ewe.

Cory almost caught this lamb (are you seeing a theme here), but it got away from him… but not before he could get this cool picture.

Day Four of Texas Aoudad Hunting

Mike ended our hunt with a bang! His AWESOME ram measures 32 3/4″!
Mike and Cory were hunting together and after a disappointing LONG morning hike, they only had one evening hunt left. Luckily they spotted this ram and made a great stalk and a LOOOONG shot to put him down… but not for keeps. Five shots later, this great ram was his.

Aoudad are tough!!! It took six shots, most of them good to put my ram down. The hunt of a lifetime.”
~Mike White

Mike Glassing
Aoudad hunting involves alot of glassing… and they blend in well.

Ram Bedded
Cory got 20 yards from Mikes ram before Mike shot it… at approximately 450 yards. Don’t ask… long story.

    There are big mule deer on this ranch too!

    And the lodging was great


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