Dall Sheep Hunting in the Arctic Refuge Wilderness

Map of the Brooks range in Alaska

12 Day Backpack Hunt! Trophy Dall Sheep Hunting at its finest. Hunt the Arctic Refuge Wilderness Area of the Alaskan Brooks Range. Looking for your chance to pursue a Trophy Dall Sheep, but don't want to pay top dollar for the Yukon or Northwest Territories, or be stuck waiting out the draw? Then this is the hunt for you! This Outfitter takes a very limited number of lucky hunters … [Read more...]

Alaska Dall Sheep Hunting (Guaranteed Tags)

Dall sheep hunting

Over-the-Counter Dall Sheep hunting in the Alaska Range! This Outfitter offers two types of Dall sheep hunting. One is a trophy dall sheep hunt in the Chugach Mountains draw area, but if you don't want to wait out the draw & want to get your ram NOW, then we can arrange a quality over-the-counter dall sheep hunt in the Alaska Range. Guaranteed tags on an exclusive guide concession area from … [Read more...]

Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt – Chugach Mountains Unit

Trophy sheep hunts in the Chugach mountains

Start your Grand Slam with a Dall Sheep hunt! This limited entry, trophy Alaska Dall sheep hunt takes place in the famed Chugach Mountains. The Chugach Mountains Unit is a draw area for dall sheep, so hunters must apply by Dec. 31 to have a chance at this dall sheep hunt. *The outfitter will handle your paperwork. Get more information "Alaska Dall sheep hunting in the Chugach Mountains … [Read more...]