Yavapai Outfitters

Yavapai Outfitters has been based in northern Arizona since 1985.

Trophy Hunting in Arizona and Mexico for:

  • Mule Deer
  • Coues Deer
  • Gould's Turkey
  • Elk
  • Desert Bighorn Sheep

David Pereda of Yavapai Outfitters offers a professional, full time, year-round Arizona hunting guide and outfitter service for all of the big game species that are found in the state of Arizona and Sonora Mexico.

We have been very fortunate and blessed to have been able to successfully hunt and annually harvest some of the highest scoring trophy big game animals ever taken in the West." ~Dave Pereda

Browse Hunts Offered by Yavapai Outfitters:

Arizona Elk Hunting

Elk hunting in Arizona

Arizona elk hunts for the finest wild, trophy bulls on the planet... Typically, it takes many years of applying in a lottery to draw a coveted Arizona elk hunting tag, but when you finally do draw, this is the Outfitter for you. With how hard these tags are to draw, having an outfitter help you with your hunt just makes good sense. A look through B&C and/or P&Y record books will reveal the … [Read more...]

Arizona Archery Mule Deer on the Arizona Strip and Kaibab

Archery Arizona mule deer taken on the Kaibab Unit 12A East

Premier Arizona Mule Deer Units 12A West, 12A East, 12B, 13A & 13B Most of the trophy Arizona mule deer tags can be extremely hard to come by, but this archery tag on the Arizona Strip or Kaibab is a bit of an exception. With this in mind our goal is to provide our hunters with the best Arizona Outfitter available when you finally do draw that Kaibab or Arizona Strip mule deer tag. Start … [Read more...]

Arizona Kaibab Mule Deer Hunting

kaibab mule deer outfitters

Arizona Kaibab Mule Deer Hunts in Units 12A West or 12A East The regular season rifle Arizona Kaibab mule deer hunts tags can be fairly easy to draw. The early season tags for the Kaibab are fairly easy to draw, and the potential for tagging a "once-in-a-lifetime" mule deer buck is very good. Start Planning Your Hunt Request Prices The early Kaibab rifle hunt is good because you will … [Read more...]

Arizona Archery Mule Deer Hunts

Russ Meyer with his 2014 OTC Archery Arizona Mule Deer

Over the Counter Arizona Archery Mule Deer Hunts. Late season archery mule deer hunts in Central and Southern Arizona. These over the counter "off season" mule deer hunts take place in December and January during the Arizona rut. These archery mule deer hunts are conducted mid December through January during the peak of the rut. Because of the open terrain, expect archery shots to average … [Read more...]

Arizona Late Season Elk Hunts

Arizona late season elk hunts

Arizona late season elk hunts for the biggest bulls on the planet...and they are easier to draw. Typically, it takes many years of applying in a lottery to draw a coveted early season Arizona elk hunting tag, however these Arizona late season elk hunts are much easier to draw. Hunt the same monster bulls that are so coveted during the early season, but just later in the year. The only drawback … [Read more...]