Wade Lemon Hunting

Hunts for: Black Bear; Mountain Lion; Bobcat, Mule Deer; Elk; Coues Deer; Antelope; Mountain Goat; Desert and Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

We operate on three ranches that equal over 150,000 acres of Private Land under Utah's Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit Program. This allows us longer, more liberal seasons, and guarantees Mule Deer and Elk tags in some high quality trophy areas. In addition we have exclusive Cougar and Bear hunting rights on several hundred thousand acres. We have acquired several premium ranches in Sonora, Mexico for coues deer and desert mule deer. This is an excellent opportunity for a mule deer from 190 to over 200 inches, trophy coues deer, and javelina.

Utah recently started a conservation tag program. Conservation tags are 100% tax deductible for the buyer. We can assist you in purchasing these tags and help you apply for the big game drawings.

Hunts Offered by Wade Lemon Hunting:

Utah Bison Hunts in the Henry Mountains

Bison Hunting in Utah's Henry Mountains

We can help you get a Utah, Henry Mountain bison tag! The Utah Henry Mountain Bison herd is one of the few truly free range bison hunts qualifying for Boone and Crockett. The Utah outfitter on this hunt has more than a decade of experience hunting Fair Chase buffalo in the Henry Mountains and has a 100% success rate all those years. *We can also arrange a bison hunt on a private herd, … [Read more...]

Mexico Mule Deer Hunting

mexico mule deer16

Mule deer hunting in Mexico is arguably the best on the planet. We feel that Mexico Mule Deer hunting gives hunters the best opportunity at a B&C Mule Deer available anywhere. Trophy mule deer hunting has become difficult. Either you have to obtain a hard to draw tag or pay out the nose to hunt private land. Mexico mule deer hunting offers an excellent opportunity at a reasonable price. … [Read more...]

Mexico Coues Deer Hunts

Coues deer hunts in Mexico

Coues Deer are considered the epitome of deer hunting to many hunters Hunters that have taken all the species in the "deer slam" usually consider the Coues deer one of most rewarding and beautiful trophies. Coues deer hunting gets in your blood. A fun, challenging hunt that doesn't get the respect it deserves. The trophy quality is tremendous on this ground and if a big coues is on your … [Read more...]

Utah Bighorn Sheep Hunts

Bighorn sheep hunting in Utah

Rocky Mountain, Desert and California Bighorn Sheep Hunts Utah has great hunting for Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Desert Bighorn Sheep and California Bighorn Sheep. Utah bighorn sheep tags are hard to obtain, however it is possible to get a bighorn sheep tag by purchasing a tax deductible conservation tag. We can get them for you.  Get More Information » Call an expert at: (208) … [Read more...]

Utah Black Bear Hunting

Utah bear hunt with hounds

This is a good Utah bear hunt with hounds This Utah black bear hunting Outfitter has exclusive black bear hunting rights on several hundred thousand acres of private land. Hound hunting is the most common method used by this Utah black bear hunting Outfitter, and there is a high chance for color phase bears on this hunt. Start Planning Your Hunt Request Prices Many hunters don't like … [Read more...]