Smokey Canyon Outfitters | Big Game Hunting in Idaho and Wyoming

Smokey Canyon Outfitters is located on the western border of Wyoming within walking distance of Idaho, holding Forest Service and BLM permits in both states.

They have hunts for Mule Deer, Elk, Moose, and Mountain Lion in both states and hunt Antelope in Wyoming. They have a very wide range in our hunts and have camp hunts and lodge hunts available. Their deer and elk hunts are with the use of horses but they do have some accessible areas for ATV’s, if requested.

A family owned and operated business and have lived, hunted, and trapped in this area for over thirty years. Their guides are also very knowledgeable and great to be around. If you are the hard core extreme hunter or are looking for a very relaxed low pressure hunt Smokey Canyon Outfitters has something for you.

Gear Lists for hunting with Smokey Canyon Outfitters

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    Idaho Archery Elk Hunting (Combo with Mule Deer)

    Idaho elk hunts

    Classic archery elk hunting where calling is the focus. This hunt is classic run and gun, calling in bulls type of archery elk hunting. They also use ambush style hunting as the country can be fairly open and because of pre-scouting they can often set up on predictable movement of the elk. If the rut turns off or it gets hot, they also use tree stands over wallows to increase your … [Read more...]

    Idaho & Wyoming Mountain Lion Hunting


    One of the hardest working guides in the business. Wyoming mountain lion hunting in the mountains on the border of Western Wyoming as well as Southeastern Idaho. This area is known for consistently producing trophy mountain lions. The key to consistent good mountain lion hunting is good snow and this outfitters area has some of the best snow in the business.  This crew of houndsmen are some of … [Read more...]