R&K Hunting Company

The R&K Hunting Company has exclusive hunting leases on over 1,000,000 acres of private land.

They are dedicated to producing abundant game on healthy habitat and providing top-notch fair chase hunting. Their ranches vary greatly from one another in size, terrain, habitat, accommodations and access. With such a diverse operation we can help you choose the ranch that best fits you and your hunting party.

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Wyoming Elk Hunting

Guided elk hunts in Wyoming

Wyoming Elk Hunting on Private Land Both archery and rifle hunts are available depending on the time of year and/or tag you have. Wyoming elk hunting on private ranches totaling nearly 1 million acres. This outfitter offers Wyoming elk hunting on a vast array of different areas, from low country, to steep mountainous terrain. What is great about this elk hunt is that these ranches fall into … [Read more...]

Utah Elk Hunting (Landowner Tags)

Trophy elk hunts in Utah

Utah Elk Hunting on Private Ranches with CWMU Guaranteed Tags Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit (CWMU) Utah elk hunting during the rut on private ranches. This outfitter can guarantee you a Utah elk tag if you are unsuccessful in the draw. This Outfitter has stewardship over more than 1.2 million acres of private land in Utah, Wyoming and Montana. This gives them a distinct advantage over … [Read more...]

Mule Deer Hunting in Wyoming

194 inch Pope and Young Mule Deer

Trophy mule deer hunting in Wyoming on private ranches On this hunt, there is always the chance that you will find a real trophy mule deer. With nearly 100% success for rifle hunters and pushing 80% for bowhunters, it's one of our favorite mule deer hunts to book. Start Planning Your Hunt Request Prices Contact us today and we can arrange your hunt at no cost to you. Mule deer … [Read more...]

Mule Deer Hunting in Utah

Utah Mule deer guides

Guaranteed Tags Are Available for this Utah Mule Deer Hunt Trophy mule deer hunting in Utah on private ranches with GUARANTEED TAGS. Most of the ranches are in the CWMU program AKA Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit. As a result, you are able to obtain your tags directly from the outfitter without the hassle and worry of whether you will draw out or not. The ranches that are not enrolled … [Read more...]

Utah Moose Hunting for Shiras Moose

Shiras moose hunts in Utah

Utah has some great Shiras moose hunting. Utah moose hunting for Shiras moose is extremely good, and Utah Conservation Tags are a great way to get a shiras moose tag without having to draw. Most mature bull moose taken in Utah have antlers from 38” to 51” wide. If you're an archery hunter there is a good chance of getting a Pope & Young moose when bow hunting.  This outfitter has access to … [Read more...]