Heartland Pride Outfitters

Nebraska mule deer, whitetail, upland game and wild turkey.

Heartland Pride Outfitters has a long history in South-Central Nebraska and our family has been hunting these lands for over 70 years for trophy mule deer, whitetail, antelope, upland game and wild turkey.
Just south of Smithfield, Nebraska (pop. 60) lays Turkey Creek Farms bought by my Great Grandfather Herman Kuck in 1935. This farm has raised four generations of hard working, dedicated farmers and hunters living off of the land.

Hunts Offered by Heartland Pride Outfitters:

Nebraska Archery Antelope Hunts

Nebraska Archery Antelope Hunts on Private Ground

Nebraska Archery Antelope Hunts on Private Ground. Hunt over watering holes in a blind or spotting and stalking with the guides. Dependent on the hunter, they may spot and stalk all morning, then enter the blinds near the 11am – 12pm mark and sit until a good buck comes within the kill zone. Start Planning Your Hunt With the Nebraska archery antelope season opening up towards the e … [Read more...]

Nebraska Turkey Hunting for True Merriam’s Turkeys


Nebraska turkey hunting on private farms Nebraska’s Merriam's turkey numbers are currently at the highest population densities than they have ever been. You have the choice of either a guided or semi-guided turkey hunt with archery or shotgun equipment (crossbows are legal). Get More Information Our shotgun Merriam turkey hunts are at a 95% success rate in the spring during the last t … [Read more...]

Nebraska Whitetail Hunting


South-Central Nebraska trophy whitetail hunts on private farms This Nebraska Outfitter offers Trophy Whitetail hunts on private farms and ranches. This outfitters family farms all over Nebraska, and he has access to a TON of ground. Whether you are hunting whitetails with archery gear, muzzleloaders, rifles or shotguns this Outfitter will customize a fully guided Nebraska whitetail hunting … [Read more...]